OM: Longoria gives a transfer window lesson to Sampaoli

OM: Longoria gives a transfer window lesson to Sampaoli

Unhappy with the start of the transfer window, Jorge Sampaoli would be ready to leave Olympique de Marseille if he did not obtain the desired guarantees. President Pablo Longoria therefore took the floor to calm his coach.

Another push from Jorge Sampaoli. After his numerous statements at a press conference this season, when he called for confirmed recruits, the coach of Marseille Olympics leaked the information that he would be ready to leave this summer. In question, the start of the transfer window of the Marseille club, which is rather shy at the moment. No doubt the reason why Pablo Longoria spoke to the Argentinian to explain the reasons for this expectation.

We have targeted the positions we want to strengthen and those on which we need to improve. At the moment, we are facing a very speculative marketjustified the president on the official OM website. So we have our goals but we have to stay consistent with this trend, as we have been doing since day one at the club. In other words, Olympique de Marseille still refuses to participate in the bidding and to overpay its recruits.

This consistency must also be reflected in our playing identity, with profiles of players determined to join us through this idea of ​​building the team and who wish to fully commit to the club’s project. These are the basicscontinued Pablo Longoria. Then we operate by priority. Then the leader was launched on his relationship with Jorge Sampaoli, to whom he appealed for calm. ” I repeat it but it is so important: we want to give maximum coherence to the projecthe confided. This is the key. Like last season, we all have to work together in the same direction. »

“Working in the same direction”

On recruitment, it is a real logic of collective construction with Jorge and his staff, around two aspects: the style of play of the team and the profiles of the players, who must be complementary to each other. This is essential work with many issues, which should lead to our ability to put the individual at the service of the collective with a very strong game identity. That’s why it’s very, very important that everyone can think together and work in the same direction for the proper conduct of the project. “, demanded Pablo Longoria, in a clarification clearly addressed to his coach.

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