OM: “How will Guendouzi react with Tudor after having adored Sampaoli?  »

OM: “How will Guendouzi react with Tudor after having adored Sampaoli? »

Invited on the set of “Débat Foot Marseille”, Thierry Audibert returns to the sudden appointment of Igor Tudor, and to his ability or not to be able to keep the group concerned after the departure of Jorge Sampaoli.

Excerpt from the program “Débat Foot Marseille”, during which Thierry Audibert and the team wonder how Tudor will be able to take the group along the way, in particular with a Sampaoli adored by certain players as it was the case with Guendouzi. It should also be remembered that Jorge Sampaoli had a divisive temperament and that other players on the contrary, like Milik for example, who could see a change of coach in a good light.

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It will take a little time before judging – Audibert

“He is in a situation that is difficult, that is to say that he will have to impose himself in a group that has worked with another coach, who had obtained his membership. So everything will now rest on his ability to very quickly switch players in his own universe to his own designs, which are perhaps not that far removed from Sampaoli. But he may have another way of managing, another way, let’s say, of being behind the players. Here is someone who seems to be constantly pushing, where Sampaoli was rather, let’s say, permissive with the players if he wanted to go out or whatever, as long as they were performing, it was not a problem. He seems a little more demanding, a little more demanding, so it may actually upset some people but it’s not even sure, I don’t know. A Guendouzi how he is going to react when he adored Sampaoli, how he is going to work with Tudor, all it takes is one misplaced sentence. But hey, he’s a professional, he was a player, he knows what a locker room is, he knows what happens when there is such a sudden change. Because I think the players expected to find Sampaoli on the restart and I think he will adapt to that so I am optimistic despite everything. And as I told you it was impossible to forecast its ability to immediately put the players in the perspective of performance in the Champions League or in the championship, we will have to wait a little while before judging. » Thierry Audibert Source: Marseille Football Club (04/07/2022)

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