OL: Aulas will jump, he already announces the rest in Lyon

OL: Aulas will jump, he already announces the rest in Lyon

The takeover of Olympique Lyonnais by John Textor does not prevent Jean-Michel Aulas from remaining in charge of the club he took over 35 years ago. But some feel that the OL boss will quickly leave.

The new owner of Olympique Lyonnais clearly said it on Tuesday at a press conference, he wants to let Jean-Michel Aulas take over the management of the Rhone club. ” EAs far as decision-making is concerned, I think that President Aulas is more serious than me in leading the boat (…) What is important is to arrive here without this pressure to lead anything . If I became director, I would be a bit lazy. I hope people will perceive me as someone who likes to help “Said John Textor, who has contractually agreed to keep Jean-Michel Aulas for at least three years, and maybe more. A scenario that holds up, but in which Sofiane Zouaoui, one of the Winamax TV columnists, does not believe, who clarified his thoughts and clearly announced an exit sooner than expected for the current historic president of theOL. A version that he detailed so that it does not pass for gratuitous aggressiveness.

Textor bought Lyon, he will quickly want to clean up

During a program devoted to the sale of OL, the columnist delivered the substance of his thoughts on this change of era at Olympique Lyonnais. ” For me, the Aulas era is already over, the three years don’t count. He will be present, because it is marked in the contract, but he will no longer exist, or at least little, on the decisions that will be made. At the base, Jean-Michel Aulas wanted Gillett, because the latter from the start made it known that he wanted him to stay in the club to make the transition, while Textor did not want to. He wanted to take over completely. But Gillett not providing financial guarantees, they fell back on Textor. And it was last week that they negotiated with Textor for Jean-Michel Aulas to remain president of the club for 3 years or more. But I say it, already at the base, John Textor did not want to keep Jean-Michel Aulas, and I point out that in Botafogo he shaved everything. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but 80% of the club is gone. I am announcing that in the coming months, and quite quickly, there will be a major change. With 66% of the shares and soon 80%, Jean-Michel Aulas will not have a say “, announces Sofiane Zouaoui, who does not see John Textor delegating his powers for three years after having invested so much money in Olympique Lyonnais.

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