Nvidia: an entry-level card comes at a very reasonable price

Nvidia: an entry-level card comes at a very reasonable price

Need a modest graphics card at a very reasonable price? The future GTX 1630 will suit you perfectly.

For some time now, persistent rumors suggest that Nvidia could release a new graphics card aimed at modest machines. So far, the green team has been discreet on this subject; it’s still unclear what to expect, but according to Gizmodo, we could be set very soon.

Indeed, some fine sleuths spotted a strange model that was added, then removed very quickly from the site of the Chinese integrator Colorful. According to Tom’s Hardware, it was an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1630, and some particularly fast users managed to capture a few frames of it.

A modest model for all budgets

It’s hard to know what to expect in terms of performance. You won’t have missed it, this is not an RTX series card; on the current market, it will therefore undoubtedly be an entry-level model. VideoCardz had notably claimed that it would be a watered down version of the GTX 1650.

According to this same source, she should embark 512 CUDA cores and 4 GB of GDDR6 at 12 Gbps. If this prognosis is correct, it should therefore take the place of the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti at the bottom of Nvidia’s hierarchy when the latter is retired, after 6 years of good and loyal service.

That would place it more or less on par with AMD’s RX 6400, and especially the recent Bow A380 from Intel. Suffice to say that you should not expect exceptional performance. The price, on the other hand, should be very interesting. Based on this information, one can expect a very reasonable price; it will probably gravitate around 150€ (not to mention the inflation caused by the shortage).

But for now, the exact date still remains unknown. It now seems certain that it should not delay any longer. But it’s hard to say whether we’ll have to wait a few days or a few weeks. It remains to be seen whether this card will meet its audience, in a context where graphics card prices are finally starting to return to normal after months of staggering prices (see our article).

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