Not good: an influencer pretends that she survived the Paris attacks in this WTF trailer

Not good: an influencer pretends that she survived the Paris attacks in this WTF trailer

Zoey Deutch is featured in Not gooda modern satire that revealed itself in a wacky first trailer.

What would be, according to public opinion, the greatest scourge of this fabulous modern era in which humanity seems to be held hostage? If for some, it is certainly about global warming, the current political landscape, or even the permanent inflation that overwhelms even the packages of Barilla in the supermarkets, for others, it would rather be influencers and other actors of the contemporary digital scene.

Perhaps slightly exaggerated considerations which do not fail, however, from time to time, to invest the great Hollywood machine. So recently the drama Sweatshirt, a little boomerienne, by Magnus von Horn has taken over cinemas, another much more satirical project, Not goodrevealed itself in a very first trailer for the less incredible.

Directed by the very young director Quinn Shephardthe footage therefore tells the story of Dani Sanders (Zoey Deutch), an aspiring writer who clearly doesn’t know what to do with her life, and is desperate for some form of recognition. Desiring to emerge from anonymity at all costs, the young woman decides to fake a stay in Paris in order to stimulate its presence on social networks, and grab a few followers along the way. However, when a terrible incident overwhelms the City of Light, Dani gets bogged down in her lie to the point of no return.

The opening card of these first images announces it very clearly, the main character will be detestable. Projected on the front of the stage following the Paris attacks, Dani will have no other choice but to maintain the chimera and to position herself as a traumatized survivor so as not to expose the original deception.

It smells scorched

For a short time, the character achieves the much sought-after celebrity, which will even allow him to begin the relationship of his dreams with Colin, played by Dylan O’Brien. But as the trailer suggests, the backlash will be up to the deception: now exposed by the web and very quickly assigned to the rank of “worst person in the world”, the character should experience a nice descent into hell for the delight of the viewer.

Potential reflection on the culture of erasure (Where cancel culture in English), digital notoriety, and the inevitable toxicity caused by the perpetual race for virality, Not good promises to be a singular and burlesque entertainment, which will be available on the platform Hulu starting July 29 in the United States. If in France, the film does not yet have a release date, it should a priori invest the hexagonal catalog of Disney +.


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