Nope will be a real "immersive experience" SF according to Jordan Peele

Nope will be a real “immersive experience” SF according to Jordan Peele

After the much noticed get-out and Us, Jordan Peele is about to reveal Boopa horror film that will confront us with our own relationship to cinema.

While Canal+ has just announced the end of the French science fiction series UFO(s) after a very successful second season, unidentified flying objects still seem to fascinate and Area 51, an ultra-secret military base in Nevada, is still considered by many conspirators (or visionaries) as a hiding place for extraterrestrials. And it is precisely a strange deadly cloud, most likely of extraterrestrial origin, which will be at the heart of Boopthe new film by Jordan Peele.

After confronting us with racism and modern slavery in the hypnotic and mastered get-outthen embarking us on a nightmarish tale inhabited by creepy doppelgangers in Usthe little genius of horror is about to immerse us in a new horror science fiction story with Boophis third feature film.

After Get Out, Daniel Kaluuya is back

If, as usual, Peele will use his horror story to talk about a societal problemthe subtext he decided to slip into Boop is not necessarily what one would expect. In an interview with the magazine EmpireJordan Peele revealed a little more about his main intention:

“First of all, I wanted to make a film that would immerse the audience in the immersive experience of the presence of a UFO. I wanted to create a spectacle, something that would highlight my favorite art form, but also my favorite way to consume this art form: the cinematic experience When I started writing the screenplay, I started to dig into the very nature of spectacle, our addiction to spectacle and the insidious nature of attention. That’s what my film is about.”

Nope : Photo Steven YeunExclusive photo of Steven Yeun in Dallas Buyers Club Boop

In addition to confronting us with our relationship to the spectacular, Jordan Peele will also discuss how black people are often left out of this film industry:

“I think in many ways this film is a response to Muybridge’s views [inventeur du zoopraxinoscope, jouet optique précurseur du cinématographe, ndlr], which were the first photographs put end to end to create a moving image, and it was a black man on a horse. We know who Eadweard Muybridge is, the man who has the series of photographs, but we don’t know who this guy on horseback is. However, he is the first movie star, the first animal trainer, the first stunt man in the cinema, and no one knows who he is! This erasure is part of what the main characters in this film are trying to correct. They’re trying to claim their rightful place as part of this show.”

Nope: photo, Brandon Perea, Daniel Kaluuya, Keke PalmerThe first who does not look at the sky loses

In the casting of this work that we are waiting for with great impatience, we will therefore find Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, children of a rancher whose mysterious death will be the first of many tragic eventsbut also the formidable Steven Yeun (burning, minari), Barbie Ferreira (Euphoria), Ethan Cutkosky (Shameless), Michael Wincott and Betty Buckley.

To discover Boop in France, you will have to wait until August 10, 2022which gives you time to review get-out and Usand that gives us time to expand our stock of puns with “Nope”.


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