Nope: Jordan Peele's horror film promises to be (very) spectacular

Nope: Jordan Peele’s horror film promises to be (very) spectacular

After get-out and Usdirector Jordan Peele is back with what promises to be his most spectacular film, Boop.

Political, generous, surprising and suffocating, Jordan Peele’s cinema has established itself in just two feature films as deeply refreshing and stimulating in the current American horrific landscape. Whether Us was less convincing in 2019 than get-out in 2017, say that waiting around Boop is palpable today still sounds like a sweet understatement.

Supposed to land in our cinemas this summer, it is through a wild finale trailer that the new Jordan Peele recently continued to unfold. A mysterious project which, in addition to being disturbing and funny, promises to be particularly spectacular. In any case, this is what the filmmaker confided during an interview with his team for Fandango :

Yes, Jordan Peele is back

“Well, you know, I wrote [Nope] at a time when we were a little worried about the future of cinema. So, I immediately knew that I wanted to create a great show. I wanted to do something that the public would want to come and see.”

Thus, after the closed session of get-out and the few decorations of Us, it would seem that Boop expands the horizons of Jordan Peele’s cinema with shots of wide open spaces and gigantic UFOs. A Dantesque dimension quite unprecedented for the American director, who here used IMAX cameras for the first time (a format that allows larger images to be captured and projected in better definition).

A way for Jordan Peele to gain momentum, without losing the symbolic and political force of his films. In any case, this is what he promised, later in this same interview, by defining Boop as “a horror epic, but which contains certain elements that are supposed to elicit very strong reactions in the cinema”.

Nope: photoJordan Peele offers his big SF film?

Lovers of Jordan Peele’s subversion don’t worry, if Boop seems to deploy an unprecedented gigantism for the filmmaker, his gesture will not necessarily be smoothed out. The main actress of the film, Keke Palmer, also takes advantage of this interview to mention “the business side” films by Jordan Peele which, according to her, serves to attract people to movie theaters and then take them by surprise. Actor Brandon Perea also addresses the issue when the reporter asks him what to expect from Boop :

“Something just different, completely new. I think Jordan has changed cinema before, he’s going to do it again. They gave him the opportunity to do something on a grand scale. He reached the highest level possible and it’s crazy that we give this author this type of means to really express himself, tell stories and do it in his style, with this type of spectacle. It will blow people away.”

Nope: photo, Brandon Perea, Daniel Kaluuya, Keke PalmerThe spectators in front of the film

As a reminder, Jordan Peele worked on Boop with one of the most exciting cinematographers in business, Hoyte Van Hoytema (Her, Ad Astra, tenet). In front of the lens, we will also find Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yeun and Michael Wincott. To discover Boop on the big screen in France, we will have to wait until August 10.


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