Nintendo Switch: The return of a cult Nintendo license soon?

Nintendo Switch: The return of a cult Nintendo license soon?

Game News Nintendo Switch: The return of a cult Nintendo license soon?

A new trademark filing suggests the Donkey Kong series could be making a comeback on Nintendo Switch. Indeed, within the legal framework of licensing, builders and publishers must regularly renew the procedure to extend their right to works. And a Twitter user has just noticed a small detail…

Donkey Kong is talking about him again

According to Kremling Kampaigner’s tweet, Nintendo has updated the branding related to the Donkey Kong franchise. But on closer inspection, it is not, this time, a simple extension in time. Indeed, the interested party discovered that this trademark registration includes additional clauses. In the parade of technical terms, we can thus read “downloadable programs for portable and electronic consoles”. If we refer to the indications, unless it is a small device in the vein of Game & Watch Mario and Zelda, it is indeed the Nintendo Switch in question.

A new game or a returning classic?

Inevitably, the question that everyone is asking is whether it is a new game or rather a great classic that would appear on Nintendo Switch. For the community of console owners and fans of the gorilla in the tie, it would not be a new Donkey Kong game. On the other hand, the latter draw a parallel with the Nintendo Switch Online decked out with its additional pack (with the Mega Drive and the Nintendo 64). Why ? Donkey Kong 64 ! The game was available on the Wii / Wii U Virtual Console and those interested point out that there has been no update to the Nintendo 64 catalog since the arrival of the Switch service. They therefore believe that the return of this title from 1999 is likely.

Some prefer to believe in a completely new title, but to find out more, we will have to wait and not expect too much.

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