Nintendo Switch: The Japanese firm files the NSW brand and intrigues players

Nintendo Switch: The Japanese firm files the NSW brand and intrigues players

Game News Nintendo Switch: The Japanese firm files the NSW brand and intrigues players

The Switch is over 5 years old, and we’re still wondering what Nintendo has in store for us in the future. Some insiders are talking about a “Pro” Switch, some companies are talking about agreements between Nintendo and certain foundries, but the fact is that we don’t know exactly when the Nintendo Switch as we know it will retire.

In view of current developments and Nintendo’s statements, the Switch should accompany us for a few more yearsand we can decently think that other models, depending on the path traced by the Lite and the OLED modelwill happen.

Nintendo: observers on the lookout

We can also think that Nintendo is not going to drop its concept and simply propose an evolution of his machine, more powerful. Faced with these uncertainties, reinforced by the health crisis which has slowed production and development technological objects, difficult to see clearly in the projects of a builder who maintains the cult of secrecy.

So, as soon as a patent is filed, a declaration is made, or a trademark is renewed, everyone is listening. This was the case with the update of the donkey kong brandand this is also the case with the deposit of the word NSW.

A New Nintendo Switch approaching?

For some, it is the abbreviation of New South Wales, the Australian state in which Sydney is located, for players, it’s an acronym for the Nintendo Switch. Obviously, in a context where we waiting to know what Nintendo will do in terms of hardware, the alert is given. Registered at European Intellectual Protection Office at the very end of June, the brand can cover several things.

For some observers, we can compare this deposit of the N3DS, which announced the arrival of the New 3DS. We would therefore be in fact from the discreet announcement of the New Nintendo Switch, the one that has been mentioned for many months by the “insiders”. However, this is only a guess, and another option hold the rope.

A much simpler reality?

Nintendo could indeed simply seek to protect this abbreviation to avoid having it stolen in the sector “Game consoles, controllers for game consoles, portable consoles for playing video games, game machines, arcade machine”. Finally, another possibility is that Nintendo trademarked this abbreviation for his road trip through several countries including Germany this summerwhich will serve as a promotional campaign.

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