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New Switch: Nintendo’s future console may have found its name

The filing of a trademark application by Nintendo revives the debate around a new console. The Switch could be inspired by the 3DS by giving way to the “New Nintendo Switch”.

With the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED, rumors about a new Nintendo console have slowed down. It must be said that the rumors announcing the arrival of a more powerful Switch Pro are not confirmed. Instead, Big N launched a OLED switches more focused on comfort (with its OLED screen) and not performance-oriented. Currently, the range therefore includes three consoles with the Switch Lite, the new OLED version and the original model. The first is a 100% portable version while the second is more luxurious.

The standard model remains relevant for those who play on the big screen. It also remains the most affordable solution to benefit from a complete Switch experience, but the console has not really evolved since its release in 2017. Purists will note that the original model has seen a new version offering greater autonomy; but this is a minor development. The Switch is therefore five years old and the success is still there, so much so that Nintendo claims that it is only halfway through its life.

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The hybrid console will exceed the usual lifespan of the machines, but the Japanese giant will have to to resolve to propose novelties. On June 29, Nintendo submitted a filing request for the “NSW” trademark to the EUIPO; or the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This filing n°018725405 may refer to a game console and to various products and services related to the world of video games. A way for Nintendo to protect the name and revive rumors around a “New Nintendo Switch”.

A New Nintendo Switch before the end of the year?

The acronym can indeed refer to a new Nintendo Switch. A name already used by Big N in the past to announce a new version of its console. Thus, the New Nintendo 3DS succeeded the 3DS by bringing several improvements. The last use of the “New” designation dates back to the New Nintendo 2DS XL in 2017.

Nintendo could therefore try the experiment again to offer a makeover to its console. With the Switch OLED version coming out in October 2021, we shouldn’t hear about a new machine before the end of the year. In the meantime, we remind you that the Japanese firm has just organized a Nintendo Direct to reveal upcoming titles on the Switch.

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