New films and series to see on Netflix from June 10 to 16

New films and series to see on Netflix from June 10 to 16

Netflix releases a number of films and series in its catalog each week, without anyone noticing them or the platform officially announcing it. Large Screen returns to the new features added by netflix from June 3 to 9, 2022, films and series combined in a non-exhaustive list.

What are the films and series not to be missed this weekend on the streaming platform?

Peaky Blinders – Season 6

Available on Netflix – Duration: 6 episodes of approximately 55 minutes

A well-deserved retirement for Tommy Shelby

What does it talk about ? Tommy leaves for North America, where the end of Prohibition makes it fertile ground for new opportunities. There he must face a new danger, that of an old adversary determined to take action…

Why do you have to watch it? Because all good things come to an end in this world. The iconic British series Peaky Blinders draws thus, at the end of this sixth and final season, his bow. Plagued by his own ghosts, which have become numerous over the years, the leader of the Shelby clan works with characteristic vehemence to thwart each of the obstacles that screenwriter Steven Knight skillfully puts in his way.

Brilliantly executed conclusion coupled with a heartbreaking tribute to the actress Helen McCrory, who died in April 2021 from cancer, this new burst of episodes multiplies with renewed ardor, machinations, conspiracies, and other political maneuvers. And if it is possible to blame the series its half-hearted endingwhich did not necessarily give the viewer the feeling of a definitive closure, the start of construction scheduled for 2023 of a feature film should itself pave the end of the Peaky Blinders’ road.

First Kill – season 1

Available on Netflix – Duration: 8 episodes between 42 and 59 minutes approximately

Official poster

What does it talk about ? For teenagers Juliette and Calliope, falling in love is complicated. One is a vampire, the other hunts them… and both are ready to kill for the first time.

Why do you have to watch it? Apart from the obvious metaphor underlying the forbidden relationship, even against naturebetween the human and the vampire, this new original series of the platform offers, through vampirism and the multiple bodily mutations that result from it, a pubescent allegory of the tastiest. And if one doubts that this fantastic parable is as sweet as the recent Red alert from Pixar studios, it’s still a safe bet that this first season addresses the dreaded transition to adulthood with freshness.

Like a Romeo and Juliet with vampiric accents, First Kill reuses the family grievances characteristic of the Shakespearean narrative, and updates the romance shared by werewolf Scott McCall and hunter Allison Argent (Teen Wolf) through its two female protagonists. Romance, family conflicts and other identity questions therefore seem to be on the program for this new teenage series – to be devoured without moderation.


Available on Netflix – Duration: 8 episodes of approximately 45min

Intimidity : Fotograf Itziar Ituño, Ana Wagener

Immersion in scandal

What does it talk about ? A rising politician’s career is threatened when a surreptitiously recorded video of her sex life is leaked to the public.

Why do you have to watch it? After Pam and Tommya new series has chosen to place a sextape story stolen from the center of his story: Intimidation. Under its false airs ofAnatomy of a Scandalthe Spanish series by Laura Sarmiento and Verónica Fernández tells the story of four women with similarly tragic destinies.

It all starts when Malen, in the running to become mayor, finds himself the victim of a dirty business when a sex tape filmed without his knowledge has been unveiled. The scandal provokes both a wave of harassment and dramatic fallout, but also support from other women victims of similar cases. The fans of Money Heist will be delighted to learn that Itziar Ituño alias Lisbon is given the leading role.


On Netflix June 15 – Duration: 2h04

Loving : Foto Joel Edgerton, Ruth NeggaWhen love triumphs

What does it talk about ? Inspired by the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a couple whose marriage in 1958 would lead to the legalization of mixed unions by the Supreme Court.

Why do you have to watch it? In 1967, the Supreme Court of the United States declared unconstitutional the law of the State of Virginia which until then prohibited interracial marriages – a decision which would never have seen the light of day without the Loving spouses. Nominated for the Golden Globes and the Oscars in 2017, loving is a film directed by Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter, Midnight Special) which precisely tells the story of Mildred and Richard Loving, became famous because they decided to marry in a state that prohibited it.

Heart touching, loving notes a sad reality, that of a period when an interracial couple could be harassed, incriminated and even banished from a state. In addition to this heartbreaking love story, the film also retraces the commitments of the spouses who mobilized to make a difference. A historical drama as powerful as it is beautiful that testifies to the need to fight for one’s rights.

Our review of Loving.

God’s Favorite Idiot

On Netflix June 15 – Duration: 8 episodes of 30 minutes

What does it talk about ? If Clark is the least suitable choice to represent God on Earth, he can count on his sweetheart and his acolytes to fight evil and spread the good word.

Why do you have to watch it? Because if you like actress and comedian Melissa McCarthyit will probably be a joyful outing for you. In duet with Ben Falconeshe returns for a comic, schoolboy and ubiquitous series, diverting biblical figures for the sake of a few jokes and an absurd plot.

Whether thunder force got at least a few amused smiles from you, you can give a chance to God’s Favorite Idiot, where humor gives pride of place to the couple as well as to their gang. Hilarity or nervous laughter, everything will depend on which side you stand when it comes to the comic register of Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, this time mixing fantasy and themes of Christian mythology to their series. To discover to adore, or for the pleasure of hating.

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