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Netflix: why is this B-series film a hit?

It is not uncommon for films or series to be classified in netflix top 10 completely unexpectedly. At the beginning of the month of July, it is Brightburn, the Child of Evilwhich is positioned among the most viewed programs on the platform.

This name means nothing to you ? It’s normal. This second-rate film released in 2019, directed by David Yarovesky and produced by James Gunn, did not meet with critical success. But then, why does he live a second life on Netflix?

Who has never dreamed of an evil Superman?

The plot of Brightburn, the Child of Evil is on paper quite nice. It’s 2006 and Kyle and Tori Breyer, a couple of childless farmers, discover a baby in the middle of the night in a space capsule that has just crashed on their property. They then decide to raise him as their son.

Does this remind you of anything? Yes, the screenplay by Brian Gunn (James’ brother) and Mark Gunn (his cousin) resumes the superman myth. But the two screenwriters decided to make the character diabolical.

Thus, the young boy, perceived as bizarre by his comrades, realizes that he has powers, in particular superhuman strength and invincibility. And rather than use them for good, little Brandon will sink into the dark side of the Force. He will commit the worst atrocities and cause trouble in his host city.

Netflix wants more

If the scenario of Brightburn, the Child of Evil enough to attract fans of horror and gore, it failed to win over critics. Deemed mediocre, it was criticized in particular for its predictable script and its very average acting. On Allociné, the average of Press reviews is 2.9/5. The public was even more severe with an average rating of 2.8/5.

But then why so much success on Netflix? First, perhaps, for timing reasons. The film was released in theaters at the end of June, shortly before the summer holidays. This period is not necessarily the most favorable for a film to meet with success.

But above all, we observe a certain enthusiasm for the horror/gore genre on Netflix these last months. Before this film (which many have classified as a B-movie), other programs of the genre have found their audience. The last house on the left for example or the remake of Chainsaw Massacre received a warm welcome. And what about the Squid Game series that was a hit in the whole world ?

Do you want more ? Know that James Gunn, producer of Brightburn, the Child of Evil, announced a sequel when it was released in theaters.

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