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Netflix: what is this unexpected film that squats the Top 10?

A film has just landed on Netflix, it is already in the Top 3 of the most popular films.

On Netflix, the successes of tomorrow are not necessarily those on which we would bet today. While all eyes are on Season 4 of Stranger Things, a horror film is slowly but surely climbing the rankings. Since June 30, he has squatted the TOP 3 of the platform. But what does it say?

Super bad

Any self-respecting comic book fan knows the origins of Superman, the child discovered by a couple of Kansas farmers. But what you probably know less is the horrifying re-reading of this story. In 2019, when he has just come to be rehired by Disney, James Gunn arrives at the cinema with a horror film. The filmmaker is producing a film written by his brother Brian and his cousin Mark Gunn.

In 2006, a spacecraft crashed in Brightburn in Texas. Tori and Kyle Breyer cannot have children naturally and thus decide to adopt this baby. In order not to spread this story, they decide to hide its true origins from the rest of the world. Everything is going well until puberty, when something as powerful as sinister manifests itself in him. From now on, Brandon only acts to satisfy his terrible needs, and even those close to him are in grave danger when the miraculous child turns into a fearsome predator who unleashes his wrath on the small town without history.

In the casting, it is the very young Jackson A. Dunn who embodies this wicked Clark Kent. He gives the reply to Elizabeth Banks that we have seen in particular in the saga The Hunger Games as well as David Denman known for his performance in the phenomenon series Mare of Easttown. Behind the camera, it is David Yarovesky who works. This is not his only film available on the platform.

Last year, a few weeks before Halloween, he presented The Pages of Anguish. This fantastic film for children placed the horror cursor a little lower.


A superhero film and a horrific side, it was enough for Netflix subscribers to get carried away. Less than 5 days after its arrival in the Netflix catalog, the film is already in the TOP 10. It is squatting in fourth place in the ranking at the time of writing its lines. It must be said that genre cinema is popular at the moment on the platform, several films of the genre are meeting with unexpected success. This is for example the case of The Turning, with Finn Wolfhard in the lead role. We can also note the resounding arrival of Without A Soundwho took eighth place on the podium.

The film having been a real success in theaters, there is no doubt that it will manage to climb the ladder to establish itself as one of the most popular content of the moment. Summer promises to be hot, of course, but might as well give you some chills.

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