Netflix: cette scène que les fans ne veulent pas voir dans 365 Dni 3 !

Netflix: this scene that fans don’t want to see in 365 Dni 3!

The final installment of 365 Dni is fast approaching on Netflix and fans definitely don’t want to see a scene.

We cannot say that the second part of the film 365 was a hit on Netflix. Fans therefore expect a lot from the sequel. And they especially don’t want to see a particular scene. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, the following article may contain SPOILERS!

Netflix subscribers disappointed with 356 Dni 2

The first part of 365 Dni had already received its share of criticism. Indeed, the film available on Netflix was accused of advocating rape.

But also kidnapping. However, that did not prevent the red N video-on-demand service from embarking on the production of the sequel.

A sequel that is not unanimous. Indeed, moviegoers do not seem to have been convinced by the love story of Laura and Massimo.

Although many of them were curious to know more, the majority of Netflix subscribers were disappointed. And they didn’t miss let it be known on social networks.

“365 Dni 2 is a video clip, wrote a viewer on Twitter. The dialogues are so poor that we have 45 minutes of music in an hour of film. »

But that’s not all ! “And if not, 365 Dni 2 has a script or is it just crap all along the film?, asks another. No because it’s been 20 minutes and I’ve pretty much reviewed the whole kamasutra. »

“It’s the worst movie ever made, it looks like a prepubescent fanfiction”, “There was no one available to write the script or what? “, “I watched the first minutes and I am already blowing”can we also read.

Once again, the creation of Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes flopped. But Netflix seems determined to go all the way with the final installment. A component that fans are waiting for at the turn. MCE TV tells you more!

A scene to avoid at all costs

In the next film 365 Dni, the heroine will have to make a choice. Stay with Massimo or leave with Nacho. A complicated decision that will end in the following way: Sensitive souls refrain.

Eh yes ! Laura will prefer the gardener. The reason ? She seems to have had enough of the Sicilian mobster’s attitude. Sad news for Netflix subscribers.

angrier than ever, the character played by Michele Morrone will therefore freak out. And in revenge he goes attacking a defenseless being. Namely, Nacho’s dog.

A particularly violent scene moviegoers absolutely do not want to see on screen. For now, nothing seems to indicate that Netflix made the decision to integrate this part.

Unfortunately, this one is very important within the story. It therefore seems difficult to do without. See you next August 19 to get to the bottom of it.

Let’s hope, in any case, that this ultimate opus marks the spirits in a positive way. A bet that is not won in advance for the VOD service. Case to follow therefore… And very closely.

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