Netflix: this film is a hit but its "incomprehensible" end drives internet users crazy

Netflix: this film is a hit but its “incomprehensible” end drives internet users crazy

Freshly arrived on Netflix, this fantastic film immediately found its place in the top 10 but it also left French Internet users speechless. In question: the end, judged by many quite simply “incomprehensible“.

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Netflix has the perfect recipe for the hit horror movie. A haunted house, two orphans, a nanny hired to watch over the children and…a pretty ending”incomprehensible” to generate thousands of tweets. “The Turning on Netflix I have mixed feelings, very good film but I remain disturbed by the non-existent conclusion. I ask myself 20,000 questions.. horrible”, tweets a Netflix subscriber after watching it. Another “admire the audacity of just not making an end”. Others go so far as to call it “sloppy”, without saying anything bad about the whole film. And for good reason ! By offering the rights of The Turning, Netflix wanted to hit hard. The feature film, available since July 1st on Netflix France already points very high in the top of the most streamed films. This is an adaptation of a short story by Henry James, The Nut Tower. This isn’t the first time Netflix has dabbled in the works of the 19th century American novelist. This same book had already been adapted into a horror series by the platform, under the name The Haunting of Bly Manor. Internet users fond of the genre have also very quickly realized.

The Turning : who is in the cast of the film?

Obviously, the cast changed between the series and the movie. And again, Netflix wanted to mark the occasion. If Victoria Pedretti (You), played the governess in the nine-episode series, it is Mackenzie Davis — known for its appearance in Terminator: Dark Fate – who takes on the role in this long adaptation directed by the Italian Floria Sigismondi. But that’s not all. If the film is highlighted in France this summer – it was released in 2020 on VOD – it is perhaps also for the presence in the casting of Finn Wolfhard, main character of the film but also star of series Stranger Things record breaking.

The Turning : how to understand the end of the film?

The reaction of the French spectators is not so different from that of the Americans. In 2020, when it was released in theaters, the film – produced all the same by Steven Spielberg – did not convince. By buying the rights, Netflix therefore seems to be counting on its subscribers outside the United States. Who knows, maybe to figure it all out The Turning, you have to risk it several times. Quit shivering again…

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