Netflix opposes new media timeline and already wants to renegotiate it

Netflix opposes new media timeline and already wants to renegotiate it

Netflix opposes new media timeline and already wants to renegotiate it

Barely revisited, the French cultural exception for the distribution of films after their theatrical release is already criticized by two major players.

After disney, Netflix is ​​getting into it. While the media chronology was completely revised in 2022, drastically reducing the time required from SVOD platforms before the broadcast of a film released in theaters on their services, Netflix considers that the model applied is still not appropriate.

For Damien Bernet, development director of Netflix France, the agreement reached “can’t hold. [Il] does not correspond to usage. The public needs to have the contents quickly.” As a reminder, following this new agreement, Canal+ no longer has to wait more than 6 months before a film is broadcast, Netflix 15 months and Disney+ and others must for their part wait 17 months, with a reduced operating period initially for allow, 22 months after the release of the footage, the free channels to benefit from it exclusively, before recovering the programs definitively after 36 months.

For Netflix, put the contents “on a shelf or in the fridge for 15 months makes no sense today. And that doesn’t help the movies. All it generates is hacking“. Damien Bernet recalls that “worldwide, the release window for films on platforms is generally set at 45 days“. The Reed Hastings firm announces that it is ready to “put a lot more money into the production of a French film if we could then have a window more consistent with the demand of our subscribers“, arguing all the more that the theatrical release is not the goal of the company.

New negotiations requested from the start of the school year

When this brand new agreement was signed last January, the Minister of Culture at the time included a clause to revisit each year after the signing. However, for Netflix, there is urgency and “it will be necessary to renegotiate as of September“. Disney+ for its part had also criticized this new agreement, continuing its logic of broadcasting some of its films, which have been released in theaters in many countries, only on its SVOD service in France. Two major players therefore seem to agree on the rejection of the media chronology.

However, an actor could on the contrary come to defend this dearly acquired model: Canal+. The leading funder of French cinema has indeed fought for a long time to obtain a satisfactory agreement with the sector and could take a dim view of the reduction in the distribution window of SVOD platforms.

Source : Le Figaro

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