Netflix France in July 2022: new films and series to watch

Netflix France in July 2022: new films and series to watch

The month of July on Netflix is ​​marked by the continuation of season 4 of Stranger Things and the release of The Gray Manwith a four-star cast.

The subscription video-on-demand platform (SVOD) will continue in July the broadcast of season 4 of Stranger Things, which is his current series. But July is also marked by the broadcast of the live action adaptation of resident Evil. We are not talking about the movies here, but about the television series.

On the film side, we will especially remember The sea monster for animation and The Gray Man for action. But if you want stories dripping with good feelings, the July 2022 selection will satisfy you. Otherwise, you can fall back on the best Netflix series or the must-see films from the SVOD site. These are safe bets.

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The series arriving in July 2022 on Netflix

July, 1st : Stranger Thingsseason 4, volume 2

Teenagers and supernatural threats. The sequel to volume 1, released on Netflix last May.

July 8: Boo, bitch

Two girlfriends, one dies. What’s left? His ghost.

July 8: captainseason 2

A Luxembourg television series is too rare not to mention it. A season existed since 2019. Here is the continuation.

July 8: The night will be long

Six episodes to tell the events of a night in a psychiatric penitentiary center.

July 14th : resident Evil

Do you know video games, movies, novels and animated series? Here is now the series in live action. All because of the Umbrella Corporation.

July 15th : Remarriages & Desires

A Korean drama series about an elite dating agency. Handsome young men and beautiful young women on screen.

July 15th : Farzar

An animated series that tells the story of Renzo, human warrior liberating the planet Farzar from the yoke of Bazarack.

July 20: Virgin Riverseason 4

The story of a nurse settling in a Californian town. Already four seasons.

July 20: Bad Exorcistseason 2

An animated series in which the protagonist, a self-taught exorcist, is called Bogdan. Our colleague has nothing to do with any of this.

22nd of July : In glass and against allseason 3

A series that is more of a documentary series than a fictional series, because we follow artists specializing in glass blowing. It’s fascinating.

July 29: The Beauty of Jerusalemseason 2

A merchant marries a housekeeper, but loves another. Her eldest daughter was affected by it. And all this takes place in 1919.

Movies Coming July 2022 to Netflix

July 6: Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between

A high school couple who made a pact to separate before college.

July 8: Dangerous relationships

Choderlos de Laclos certainly should not have expected that. And neither do we: it’s about Instagram, surfing and unhealthy relationships.

July 8: The sea monster

An animated film that makes us want to flank the great seal, smack the mutes, snub the flanquettes and basting in the gypsies (yes, that doesn’t mean anything).

11 July : For you

A woman who does not want her best friend to marry.

July 13: Under the Amalfi Sun

A romantic film where love will be put to the test, oulalah, it’s original.

July 15th : Persuasion

An old love returns eight years later

July 18: Are the fairy tales over?

A story of a kid gamer who wants to play video games in tournaments, but between his mother’s health and his aunt’s character, well, nothing is simple.

22nd of July : The Gray Man

Chris Evans sports an unlikely mustache. Ryan Gosling, Billy Bob Thornton and Ana de Armas are also in the game.

July 29: Our bruised hearts

Like mine looking at this month’s lineup (yes, oh, that’s fine).

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