Netflix annoys its subscribers with this new film ranked number 1 in France

Netflix annoys its subscribers with this new film ranked number 1 in France

What do the films have in common? Top Gun – Maverick and Spiderhead ? Their director. Indeed, it is Joseph Kosinsky (already behind Tron – Legacy and oblivion) who was responsible for staging these two big spring blockbusters. However, where the first film is a hit at the cinema and allows Tom Cruise to prove that he is still one of the most powerful men at the box office, the second was released almost anonymously on Netflix.

Spiderhead forgotten by Netflix?

A suprise ? On paper, the answer is yes. After all, Spiderhead can count on a 5-star cast with the presence of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Miles Teller (whiplash), Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Birds of Prey) or even Tess Haubrich (Alien: Covenant), but also on an interesting concept.

In this dystopia, we follow the experiments carried out by a brilliant scientist on various inmates sent to a secret establishment. The goal? Test on these guinea pigs different drugs capable of altering their emotions.

Also, while Netflix is ​​already regularly criticized by professionals of the 7th Art, who often regret its lack of presence in the cinema and its “fast-food consumption” side which would prevent its works from living in time, this lack of support from the platform means that it now finds itself at the center of a new controversy.

The lack of promo for the film surprises professionals

While Netflix is ​​however in decline with a worrying drop in its subscribers, many observers do not understand why the leaders did not take advantage of the gigantic success of Top Gun – Maverick to promote his own project. Where they could clearly have enjoyed themselves by recalling that they too have an epic film by Joseph Kosinski to offer us, which also shares an actor in common (Miles Teller), they ultimately did not make waves and favored an outing in silence, far from any buzz.

A streaming service is about to release a movie that cost more than $100 million carried by one of the biggest movie stars in the world, directed by a guy who is currently behind one of the biggest hits in the world. cinema of the year. And yet, I don’t remember seeing a single ad for him.notably lamented director and producer Peter Atencio on Twitter. As a filmmaker, it pains me to see so much good work (but also time and money) being invested in films that will ultimately have no cultural impact over time. I hope that Netflix, as a company, will change its methods in order to improve support for the films in which it invests.“.

A discreet release assumed by Netflix?

So, is this Netflix strategy really harmful? In fact, the answer seems “no”. After all, all you have to do is take a look at the homepage to discover that this lack of promotion has not prevented the film – released this Friday, June 17, 2022, from being rank n°1 in its Top 10 of the most viewed works in its catalog. In other words: it is a ratings success.

Above all, the absence of advertising towards Spiderhead also seems totally wanted and assumed on the part of Netflix. The reason ? According to the reactions of the public on social networks, this new movie would be very bad (it is rated only 5.5/10 on IMDB and its score on Rotten Tomatoes is 35%). Also, we can understand that the leaders did not necessarily want to lose more money by advertising him, nor to hurt his image with such a result…

The film does not tell anything interesting… Apart from the casting, there is nothing to keep. Another pointless and pointless Netflix movie. I wasted my time trying to get to the end of this #Spiderhead“, can we read on Twitter, just like: “Despite its enticing cast and promising pitch, the film doesn’t tell much in the end and is immensely sad visually.“, “Good director. Great concept. And yet, after 30min, #SpiderHead is perhaps the most boring movie of the year. Such a waste“, or, “Empty, boring, bland, predictable, composed of a moral already seen and silly to make you want to kill, this anticipation film on the control of emotion never works and is not saved by a casting led by a Ridiculous Hemsworth. To avoid.

Well, we reassure you if you had planned to see it this week, Spiderhead also has the right to positive feedback.

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