Les superstars NBA LeBron James et Kevin Durant se sont retrouvées au cœur d'une déclaration plutôt osée en provenance d'une jeune pépite de la ligue

NBA – The best possible offer from the Lakers to recruit Kevin Durant!

The Lakers will attempt trades in the coming weeks, especially since Kyrie Irving is once again available on the market. But is an offensive possible to recruit Kevin Durant, who has officially requested his departure? An offer has been imagined, and as much to say that it is widely debated.

After just three seasons, Kevin Durant already wants to leave the Nets. The star is visibly unhappy in the Big Apple, to the point of asking to leave the franchise in the coming weeks. Better ? The person concerned has already two franchises in mind as a destination, but the deal looks very complicated to put in place. In addition, KD has no say, since he still has 4 years of contract.

As one can imagine, the Nets’ phone has been ringing regularly for the past few hours. Half of the league have already contacted Brooklyn for information according to Adrian Wojnarowski, and it is still far from over. It’s unclear if the Lakers have taken a chance, but the franchise is regularly linked with Kyrie Irving. But if Rob Pelinka tried it with KD?

Kevin Durant alongside LeBron? The proposed crazy trade!

We prefer to warn you, it’s almost impossible, but the idea deserves to be asked. If the Lakers wanted to take advantage of this slump to recruit number 7, what would they have to let go of in return? An offer is already circulating on the internet, and as you might expect, there is heavy in exchange. It’s simple, and to bring the Slim Reaper to the City of Angels, you’d probably have to give in… Anthony Davis.

This is not specified in the graph, but it must be added that the Lakers will have to send the first round 2027 and 2029 to the Nets as a bonus. We can say that this trade would be very risky, since the front office would have to ruin its future over the next 10 years to bring in KD. Is it really worth it? We can obviously have some doubts on the matter.

Losing Talen Horton-Tucker isn’t a problem, but Davis? That’s another debate. It should be remembered that the value of the player is in sharp decline, with disappointing performances and repeated injuries. Doubts are allowed for Unibrow, which should not be exchanged, not this summer in any case. This blockbuster trade reminds in any case that the counterpart to recover KD will be massive, and much higher than that of the Lakers for Davis in 2019.

Kevin Durant at the Lakers? Barring a huge surprise, this is just a simple dream. The front office will never choose to send Anthony Davis elsewhere, not now anyway. This sentence is not so true for Russell Westbrook, who could be traded in exchange for Kyrie Irving. It is in any case clear that Rob Pelinka will try his luck.

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