Le meneur star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, vient de franchir une première étape dans sa course contre la montre avant les playoffs

NBA – Shams drops a bomb on Steph Curry’s injury!

Hit in the left foot in the last minutes of Game 3 of the Finals, Stephen Curry remained in expectation regarding his availability for the rest of the series. Shams Charania has just released its big indiscretions on the file!

So far, everything was going for the best on the physical level for the various players in this confrontation. No major injury was indeed to be deplored since the start of the Finals between Warriors and Celtics. Only James Wiseman was missing in the first three meetings of this series. However, a big name has been the subject of significant concern in recent hours.

Still formidable during Game 3, Stephen Curry unfortunately pulled a face in the final moments of the meeting. In question: a collision on the ground with Al Horford, including the fall on the left foot of his opponent caused him great pain. Since then, Golden State fans have made no secret of their apprehension about the Chief’s state of health.

More fear than harm for Stephen Curry

Obviously asked about his injury at the end of the meeting, Curry didn’t necessarily reassure observers with his response. He nevertheless insisted on indicating that he did not expect to miss any matches in the coming days. A feeling confirmed this Thursday by Shams Charania, whose news about the star leader is likely to give a big smile to the Dubs Nation!

Sources say optimism reigns today regarding Warriors star Stephen Curry’s status for Game 4 of the NBA Finals against Boston on Friday. It looks like Curry doesn’t need an MRI, he’s avoided a major injury to his left foot, and he’s able to get into practice at Golden State this afternoon.

As foreseen Steph Curry, its availability for the following matches, including for Game 4 which will arrive very quickly, should therefore not be called into question. Even better, he would feel well enough to normally play his team’s training session the day after his scare. From a neutral point of view, there is therefore reason to rejoice for the rest of the events!

Yet reputed to be fragile at the ankles, Steph Curry should therefore be able to emerge unscathed from this disturbing sequence that occurred during Game 3. The Warriors and their fans can therefore breathe a big sigh of relief!

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