Jouer avec KAT ? La première réaction de Rudy Gobert !

NBA – Playing with KAT? The first reaction of Rudy Gobert!

Now a Wolves player, Rudy Gobert should soon meet his new teammates, including Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards. It’s an XXL racket that will see the light of day in Minnesota, and the Frenchman seems rather warm to this idea. He did not hesitate to react for the first time to this duet.

For Rudy Gobert, the adventure with Jazz is now over. The pivot was sacrificed by its leaders for a specific reason, and must move on. We imagine that the disappointment is present, but the Frenchman does not end up in the worst franchise in the league, far from it. By landing at Wolves, Gobzilla can still hope to win a title, alongside Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards and even D’Angelo Russell, if the latter stays.

No doubt, we are all curious to see the Gobert/Towns racket in action. Will the latter manage to shine by playing at position 4, while Rudy will defend the circle? This is a relevant question, and an answer that is not necessarily obvious. KAT will have to adapt, for sure, but the potential certainly exists in Minnesota, which dreams of winning the title in the years to come.

Rudy Gobert and Towns, the winning duo?

We obviously don’t have any statement regarding the players yet, but we can imagine that they are all very confident for the new season. In any case, this is what we can assume about Rudy, who released a first reaction on his Instagram account, concerning the fact of playing with KAT. Obviously, Gobert is not unhappy to share the racket with the pivot.

” It will hurt “

“Scary Hours”, the expression often used by James Harden in the past with… the Nets. A way to announce that KAT and Gobert have the means to do a lot of damage in the racket, at least if the duo gets along wonderfully. Given the smiley used by Rudy in response, he is quite confident for the future with his teammate. It will probably take a period of adaptation, but the two men will have the weapons to shine, especially in the Western Conference.

Besides, it didn’t take long to see a record, since Rudy achieved one thanks to his mere presence in Minnesota. A good omen for the future, even if questions exist for the rest of the roster. At the front office to make a few more good moves, to fight for the ring next season. We will follow these movements with attention among the supporters.

Given his story, Rudy Gobert is quite happy to play with Karl-Anthony Towns. We imagine that the reciprocal is true, even if it will be necessary to confirm all this potential on the floor now. Can’t wait for the start of the school year to find the Frenchman in a new environment.

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