Kyrie Irving de retour avec les Nets

NBA – At the end, the Nets take revenge on Kyrie Irving!

Since his arrival in Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving has shown all the colors to his leaders, and in particular this season with the controversy of the vaccine. So at the time of farewell, GM Sean Marks could take the opportunity to take revenge by making no effort to satisfy the player.

Kyrie Irving is as strong on the field as he is difficult to manage outside, that is to say… The Nets point guard – for a few more days – has had three franchises in his career, and each time, the farewells have been particularly eventful with the management and with the fans, who very rarely have good memories of him, despite his many exploits with the ball in hand.

A year after winning the title with the Cavaliers, Uncle Drew decided to strike out on his own and leave the shadow of LeBron James, leaving the King and his teammates helpless against the Warriors armada. In Boston, he is perhaps the most hated man after his betrayal in the summer of 2019, when he packed his bags for Brooklyn, when he promised fans an extension.

Nets want to trade Kyrie Irving anywhere, not LA

And in New York, he undoubtedly had a negative role in the Nets’ sad season, refusing to be vaccinated and to play all year with his teammates. Moreover, the tensions between Kevin Durant and leaders also come from his behavior, which GM Sean Marks will find hard to forgive. The proof, according to Brian Windhorst ofESPNBrooklyn could get dirty revenge on the point guard, sending him anywhere in a trade.

Kyrie Irving’s market value is extremely low. It will be very difficult for the Nets to collect a big package for the point guard, so the situation is very complicated. When we talk to the leaders about the situation, it’s always the same thing that comes out: Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. The thing is, the Nets have no intention of making it easy for the point guard and sending him to the franchise of his choice.

It may take finding a three- or four-team trade for the Nets to find satisfying tradeoffs. It may take a star in the lot, draft picks … Kyrie Irving could very well find himself swayed in this trade with several teams to balance the salaries. It is a simple tool for the Nets. He will have to wait for the departure of Kevin Durant to see more clearly for his future.

Kyrie Irving wants to move to Los Angeles next season, where he would find LeBron James, but Sean Marks and Nets owner Joe Tsai do not intend to do him this favor after his repeated absences and the many controversies surrounding him. At the moment, the trend is more of an exchange in a random franchise depending on the proposals.

Kevin Durant has always given everything in Brooklyn, so the leaders should give in to his request and trade him to a franchise of his choice, namely the Suns or the Heat. For Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, it is the most complete blur, the leaders will not give him any flowers.

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