Natalie Portman recalls Leon's disastrous reviews: 'Now it's the role I get talked about the most'

Natalie Portman recalls Leon’s disastrous reviews: ‘Now it’s the role I get talked about the most’

Ditto for the Star Wars prelogy, says the star of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Natalie Portman will be back this summer in the costume of Jane Foster, the “love interests” of Thor within the MCU. Except that this time, she will take power herself, becoming Mighty Thor in Love and Thunder. The director of the blockbuster, Taika Waititiasked the actress to return to this sequel as The Dark World received poor reviews in 2013 and was absent from thor ragnarokreleased in 2017. To convince her, he explained to her that he was counting drastically change his characteras he had done with that of Chris Hemsworth: “Her character in the early movies is probably not the most exciting version of the female character that we’ve come to expect from those movies…So I had to talk to her and explain to her that I wanted to change her character just like we had changed the character of Thor for Ragnarok, to give her more freedom to be adventurous, fun and funny. Because Natalie is a really funny person! Unfortunately, that’s not always the main focus when they come up with characters in movies…”

Interviewed on this subject by varietyNatalie Portman recalls that Thor 2 was not his worst experience in terms of negative reviews. Of the LeonLuc Besson’s thriller released in 1994 at the cinema, when she was a child, she had to face strong opinions. “I had already experienced this with Leonwho had been murdered by critics, whereas now, and this despite my roles in Marvel and Star Warsthis is the film that people talk to me about the most, says the 41-year-old actress. Star Wars and these are two perfect examples: when they came out, I said to myself: ‘Oh my God, it’s a disaster’and 20 years later – even 30 years with regard to Leon– they are appreciated.”

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Ewan McGregor, who is currently back in Obi-Wan Kenobi in a Disney+ Star Wars series, has the same feeling about the prelogydecried when it was released and more loved now: “I went through them all again to prepare, because the last time I had done that was before shooting Episode III in Sydney, Australia, in 2003. That was a long time ago, almost 20 years! It was hard at the time, because not everyone liked them when they came out, our prequels. But it did me good to see them again, knowing that since then, people have loved them. The children for whom we made these films at the time, they appreciate them very much. It was nice to see them again with that in mind.”

Here is the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunderwhich will be released on July 13 at the cinema:


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