My Neighbor Totoro: The Legendary Hayao Miyazaki Scores a Huge Victory

My Neighbor Totoro: The Legendary Hayao Miyazaki Scores a Huge Victory

A few months ago, we introduced you this beautiful official image on which we could see the famous Hayao Miyazaki turned into Totoroon the occasion of the promotion of the theme park of the Studio Ghibli. My Neighbor Totororeleased in Japan in 1988 and the year after in our cinemas, is one of the most famous works of Studio Ghibli and its director Hayao Miyazaki, and will later be considered one of the pillars of japanese animation. In his works, Miyazaki is used to exploring recurring central themes, such as humanity’s relationship with nature for example, the relationship to ecology, technology, or even war. Nature occupies an important place in Miyazaki’s vision, and that is why he wanted to preserve a place that is dear to him.

miyazaki’s source of inspiration

Indeed, a forest area north of Tokyo, having inspired the director during the creation of the film My Neighbor Totoro, will become a protected green space thanks to the participation of the local government, but also with the help of crowdfundingto cover part of the expenses.

As reported SoraNews24the project of 2.6 billion yen, or just over 18 million euros, will protect and preserve some 7,000 trees in the city of Tokorozawa. Miyazaki lives near the approximately 3.5-hectare site of Kaminoyama, and its preservation has been a project close to his heart for some time.

The director settled in the region in 1970years before the release of My Neighbor Totoro, and he recently urged city leaders to champion the film’s cause. And in addition to public funds, a crowdfunding campaign, backed by Studio Ghibli, will include five reproductions of the landscape found in the film, available for pledges of 25,000 yen each (about 180 euros). Residents of the region, but also those from outside, are encouraged to participate.

June 3, 2022

In 2018, during a walk in the forest with the mayor of Tokorozawa, Masato FujimotoMiyazaki had shared the importance of the region in his creative process. He told the mayor:

This landscape is the origin of the birth of Totoro. It’s important to me, and that’s why I live near here.

The director had already invested a lot of his own fortune in the forest in question, and the current owners of the area have agreed to be bought out for the sum of 2.6 billion yen.

The five illustrations of Totoro will be in B4 format (25.7 x 36.4 cm) and a series of 1,000 copies should be available for sale from September. Additional series could be added if the demand is strong enough.

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