Murders in Figeac on France 3: what is the TV movie worth with Stéphane Plaza and Samira Lachhab (Tomorrow belongs to us)?

Murders in Figeac on France 3: what is the TV movie worth with Stéphane Plaza and Samira Lachhab (Tomorrow belongs to us)?

France 3 is broadcasting the TV movie “Meurtres à Figeac” tonight with Stéphane Plaza, who is unfaithful to M6, and Samira Lachhab (“Tomorrow belongs to us”, “La Faute à Rousseau”). A new opus from the detective collection that will delight fans.

What is it about ?

While a wealthy landowner from Figeac has just been found mummified in the Champollion Museum, Manon, lieutenant of the Toulouse research section, is preparing to commemorate the memory of her husband who died a year ago surrounded by her beautiful family.

But the reunion is not easy for the one who left the village the day after the tragedy: apart from her brother-in-law Olivier, also a policeman, everyone seems to blame her for her departure. During his stay, the dead pile up and Manon agrees to help Olivier track down this strange murderer: each of the crimes is mysteriously linked to ancient Egypt…

Saturday June 18 at 9:10 p.m. on France 3

Who is it with?

After the series L’homme de la situation on M6 and the film J’ai perdu Albert released in 2018, Stéphane Plaza (House for sale, Apartment or house search), the most famous real estate agent in France, is once again making a detour to comedy thanks to France 3, which entrusted him with the role of Olivier, one of the two investigators of Meurtres à Figeac.

At his side, Samira Lachhab, well known to fans of Tomorrow belongs to us and La Faute à Rousseau, plays Manon, the other policeman in the story, who is also Olivier’s sister-in-law.

Patrick Descamps (Tandem, Gloria), Julie-Anne Roth (Les Pennacs), Pierre Laplace (Double Je), Joyce Bibring (The Lake Killer), or even Lorette Nyssen (The School of Life) complete the distribution of this single directed by Olivier Barma (Candice Renoir, Harcelés).

Well worth a look ?

After Murders on the Frioul Islands or Murders in Porquerolles, with Charlie Bruneau, France 3’s successful detective collection is back this evening with a new opus which takes us this time to the Occitanie region, and more precisely to Figeac, in the Lot.

Faithful to its recipe which is a hit and which no longer needs to prove itself, the channel continues its thriller tour of France and strictly respects the specifications of the “Murders in…” with a duo of cops who contrasts on certain points, postcard settings that lend themselves to escape and a change of scenery, often strange murders, and deeply buried secrets just waiting to resurface. And are often linked to the culprit’s motive.

Aurélien FAIDY – FTV – 3EME EYE

Stéphane Plaza, Julie-Anne Roth, and Samira Lachhab in Murders in Figeac

Viewers looking for original plots will certainly roll their eyes, but fans of the France 3 collection will be delighted. Especially since Meurtres à Figeac finally manages to climb to the top of the basket thanks to the universe it explores in the background – ancient Egypt – through the serial murders that are falling on the town. of the Lot and its inhabitants. And all of which refer to Egyptian mythology and ancestral practices.

Olivier Barma’s TV movie, which enjoys a polished image, can also count on the successful performances of Samira Lachhab, always very fair, and Stéphane Plaza, who explores a rather unexpected register in the role of a silent policeman bound close to the murders. And that one does not take long to suspect of not saying everything. Like most of the characters in this unitary.

With its long list of potential suspects, Meurtres à Figeac also manages to keep our curiosity awake until the end and is therefore more than recommendable. And too bad if the whole thing lacks a bit of originality and if the conclusion of the investigation is somewhat disappointing.

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