Movie theater.  Ghosts of East Java take over the Indonesian box office

Movie theater. Ghosts of East Java take over the Indonesian box office

The success of the movie KKN di Desa Penari [“Stage de fin d’études dans le village des Danseuses”, inédit en France] can be seen as the pinnacle of a filmmaker’s creative journey when supported by the power of social media. The director, Awi Suryadi, had already made a series of three horror films which did well [la trilogie Danur, elle aussi inédite en France, mettant en scène une jeune fille qui a des amis fantômes]. But nothing to do with the dazzling success met by his last feature film.

creative capital [de KKN di Desa Penari] has accumulated over time, since in 2019 a horror story on the @SimpleMan Twitter account went viral. She recounts a news item that actually happened in 2008, when six male and female students from Surabaya left to do their end-of-studies internship in a village in East Java. [Un jour, un couple parmi eux se serait éloigné dans la forêt pour avoir un peu d’intimité. Il aurait rencontré une femme qui l’aurait invité dans sa maison du village dit “des Danseuses”. Au retour, en ouvrant un cadeau qu’elle leur avait offert, les deux amants auraient succombé à une mort terrifiante.]

Millions of spectators

The anonymous author of the story, now nicknamed SimpleMan, says he has changed the names of the protagonists and the toponyms. His story has been published as a novel. Then SimpleMan sold the film rights [en révélant au réalisateur le nom du village concerné, pour qu’il puisse tourner sur place, à Bayu, dans le district de Banyuwangi, à Java-Est]provided that the location of the incident is kept secret by the film crew until the marketing of the film.

On May 30, 2022, just a month after its theatrical release, the film already had 8.66 million admissions. An absolute record in the history of Indonesian cinema. The last record dated back to 2017 and was held by another horror film, Pengabdi Setan [“Serviteur de Satan”, de Joko Anwar]with 4.2 million entries.

Initially, the dissemination of this story on Twitter allowed an interac

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