MotoGP Germany J3 Debriefing Johann Zarco (Ducati / 3): "we do not take this incident as a racing incident", etc.  (Integrity) - Paddock GP

MotoGP Germany J3 Debriefing Johann Zarco (Ducati / 3): “we do not take this incident as a racing incident”, etc. (Integrity) – Paddock GP

This Saturday, June 18, 2022, Johann Zarco answered questions from journalists from the Sachsenring circuit at the end of the second day of the German Grand Prix.

Fourth in the championship, within firing range of third position, the French driver started his German weekend in the image of his current performances: very solid!

As usualwe report here the words of Johann Zarco without any formatting, even if it is partially translated (vouvoiement in English, tu in French).

Johann, the conditions were very difficult, and may be even more difficult tomorrow. You must be happy to leave from the front line…
Johann Zarco : ” very happy ! Above all because on the second outing with the second new tire, I was able to give an extra push and set a good time. So I was happy about that, because having done it alone was much better, while of course following someone helps. So it’s very good for tomorrow. I struggled a bit in FP4: on Friday, we had started well but, while trying to find something better, we had taken a step back. So we knew what worked well and I hope I will feel good tomorrow during the warm up to prepare for this race, because Pecco and Fabio have a better pace than me. Maybe Aleix is ​​also stronger but if I can stick with them and figure things out, maybe I could enjoy the race. »

With the high temperatures and the left turns, you will have to manage the tires: do you care?
“Mmmmm…maybe that won’t be the hardest part. Controlling the tire, yes, and the heat clearly doesn’t help, but physically there are other circuits which are more difficult and much more physically demanding. This one, if you feel good, you can control. So we’ll see tomorrow but I don’t really know how the others control tire wear, and that’s why starting from the front row is already a big step forward. »

What will be the biggest challenge tomorrow?
“I think, the last 10 laps! This may be the most difficult: if you feel good, then you are having fun and you can maybe think of a very good position, but if you start to struggle at this point, the last 10 laps become very long! I think that will be the key point. »

Can you tell us what subject was discussed in the safety committee?
“Yes, that was the main subject we (Nakagami) discussed in the safety committee because we don’t take this incident as a racing incident, but rather as irresponsible driving since Taka could not really control the first braking, because he had made a great start and was arriving very quickly. Looking at the video, we all agree between the riders that he might have been able to control a little better. Then there were discussions about the red flag (which could have been set at the end of the first lap since Takaaki Nakagami was still in the gravel pit when the drivers came back to turn 1), we were not all agreed but we discussed it because Taka was still in the gravel after the first lap. So we started the second lap still in a big group, and arriving at 350 km/h, we thought that if he was still there there could have been a red flag, or why it took so long to evacuate it, even if there were three pilots in the gravel and it was complicated for the marshals to move everything quickly. We just talked about what could be best in a similar situation in the future. »

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