MotoGP Assen J3 Johann Zarco (Ducati/13): "if you were second in the previous race and you think you are the king of the world, it's a mistake", etc.  - Paddock GP

MotoGP Assen J3 Johann Zarco (Ducati/13): “if you were second in the previous race and you think you are the king of the world, it’s a mistake”, etc. – Paddock GP

This Sunday, June 26, 2022, Johann Zarco answered questions from journalists from the TT Circuit Assen at the end of the Dutch Grand Prix.

By finishing 2nd in Germany, the French rider took 3rd place in the MotoGP world championship in a summer break event. He keeps it today but had a difficult race this Sunday, miles from his ease at the Sachsenring.

As usualwe report here the words of Johann Zarco without any formatting, even if it is partially translated (tu in English, tu in French).

Johann Zarco : ” very difficult ! Very hard for me today! I saw that I didn’t have the pace for the podium. I was missing something but it was even worse in the race. I really tried to do my best and the lap times were pretty decent, but just the others were very fast. I could figure out what was missing, and I could see that even better during the race since you do 26 laps with the other guys, but I think it’s a very small thing to find in the balance in order to feel the bike better. And this weekend, I couldn’t find her. So I’m disappointed with these kinds of results because it was a tough race for three points, but it’s better than nothing and my position in the championship brings me a smile ahead of the long break we’re going to have. It would have been nice to get a good result but I’m still here, and I hope that maybe what I’ve seen this weekend will make me take a good step forward technically, in order to bring some good things at the Ducati in the second half of the season. »

After your podium last week, is this result even more difficult to accept?
“It’s because the level is very high. The race pace today was unbelievable whereas I think my pace was almost Fabio’s pace last year. And look where I am! Now everyone is very fast, and as I said, it’s for very small things: if you don’t feel perfectly on the bike, you immediately pay for it in the race! So if you’re second in the previous race and you think you’re the king of the world, that’s a mistake and that’s not my mindset. »

What bothered you today?
“To get the bike into the corners well: I was wasting time and I was forcing the bike. On this track, it is necessary to do it with a lighter feeling, and not with force. And I couldn’t do it without compensating here, so I think that’s why I wasted a lot of time. »

You say that you have seen technical things that will help you come back to school. Can you elaborate a bit?
“No, I don’t want to explain because if it’s hard to explain to Ducati, I don’t want to explain it to the media (laughs). I could simply see that the others had a better pace than me, whereas for me the bike moved around a lot throughout the weekend. I couldn’t get the bike into the corner the way I wanted, and even if you do some good lap times and you think you’re fine, there’s a point where you can see in the race that you can’t do it anymore .
We almost had rain, a few drops, and when you’re already at the limit and the likes are coming, it is very difficult to understand if it will rain more or not: there are the flags, you don’t see too much rain on your visor but you don’t know! So I lost time at that moment, but not too much because of that, because that was also when Aleix arrived. He was amazing! The race he did! But I was too far to see him overtaking at the chicane and I just saw him on TV now. »

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