Montpellier: Rémy Bouscaren reveals his bullfighting passion in paintings, at the Petit Trinque Fougasse

Montpellier: Rémy Bouscaren reveals his bullfighting passion in paintings, at the Petit Trinque Fougasse

Raised in the bullfighting culture and long attracted to art, Rémy Bouscaren exhibited for the first time in Montpellier, at the wine bar O’ Petit Trinque Fougasse.

Bullfighting culture and painting, two long-standing passions for Rémy Bouscaren, who is exhibiting for the first time in Montpellier, at the O’ Petit Trinque Fougasse wine bar, boulevard Ledru-Rollin (see box). The owner of the eponymous driving school, founded in 1960 by his grandfather, reveals his sensitivity and his brushwork through a dozen paintings and works on wood, visible until the beginning of July. “Since childhood, I have been raised in the bullfighting culture and I have always found an interesting parallel between the bull and its representations in art. This is one of the reasons why I started painting”he explains.

“The taste of colors and their association”

“My taste for painting dates back to adolescence. It is linked to my first emotions when faced with artists who fascinated me”. Rémy Bouscaren quotes Picasso, Matisse, Vincent Bioulès, Claude Viallat. In recent years, a European tour of major museums has fueled this attraction, today materialized by these first works presented to the public, where is expressed, “the taste for colors and their association. I created my little techniques, discovered by chance, first in oil and with a knife”. In touches and strokes of color, take shape the heads of bulls, the silhouettes of bullfighters captured in their gestures, and more abstract compositions that are close to the tachism of Sam Francis or Pollock. Also, a landscape representing the Pic Sait-Loup. Rémy Bouscaren also creates on a vertical strip of parquet, or a piece of formwork.

Rémy Bouscaren’s bullfighting works have already been identified to illustrate feria posters in Lunel and Aubais. This week, the artist is also exhibiting in Marseille, on the occasion of a professional event.

Exhibition of Rémy Bouscaren at the Petit Trinque Fougasse, 12 boulevard Ledru-Rollin. Until July 9.

Soon a new Trinque Fougasse

With the works of Rémy Bouscaren, this is the second exhibition hosted by O’Petit Trinque Fougasse, wine bar, cellar and delicatessen, boulevard Ledru-Rollin. Other artistic events will follow, programmed by the creators of the place, Scarlett Ruggiero-Boudet and Mathieu Boudet. “We will continue in September with painting, photography, street-art. These exhibitions embellish the place and make it possible to make known artists who do beautiful things”. After the Trinque Fougasse O’Sud, in Port-Marianne and O’ Petit Trinque Fougasse, boulevard Ledru-Rollin, they will open, at the beginning of July, the Trinque Fougasse Ouest, at the former colonial Bodegon, in Saint-Jean-de-Védas .

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