Montauban.  Growing up by taking the time for art…

Montauban. Growing up by taking the time for art…

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The Big Band des Arts will offer around twenty shows to 3,000 students. The 2022/2023 program has just been unveiled by the Tarn-et-Garonne Arts & Culture agency.

The Tarn-et-Garonne Arts & Culture agency encourages the cultural practice of children, from kindergarten to high school, during school time.

With the “Big Bang des Arts”, it offers 3,000 students a program with departmental influence

about twenty shows, from September to May. It is a question of opening the imaginations, broadening the horizons, raising awareness of the Art of performing arts, theatre, dance, puppets, circus.

Marie Besson, in charge of young audiences, detailed the program to the teachers present on Thursday June 2 at the Espace des Augustins.

“For this 2022-2023 season, we have chosen a turtle as a visual identity that recalls slowness, a virtue that is lacking in our time. It invites us to take the time, the time for discovery, the time to live, to contemplate and to advance at one’s own pace on the path of the arts.Some shows develop societal themes.Complexes, by the company L’Agit, questions our relationship to the body and to the “ideal body” that society can shape against our will.

The Trip-Tic company will be welcomed in residence for their creation “Je, tu, Elles”, a show devoted to the psychological and physical violence inflicted on women.

The puppets of the La Mandale company will tackle timeless poetry and audacious zaniness with “Les impavides bretons”.

La Querida Cie will present “Prévert ever”.

Part of the season will show inventiveness sometimes made up of bits of string. Like “Martine et René”, by the Neshikot company, which tackles the question of mourning gently and delicately, in a caravan, or “Akiko”, by the company Les Trigonelles, a shadow theater that crosses the seasons.

The little ones will immerse themselves in a marine universe with a sound and plastic atmosphere that lulls us with “I see blue”, from the company La Musarde. A very rich program that will be widely distributed in each school, to all teachers. Contact : – 05 63 91 83 96

Shows in Montauban, Bioule, Coutures, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, Puylaroque, Nègrepelisse or at the Abbey of Belleperche.

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