Une mère filme la baby-sitter de sa fille et comprend pourquoi les 6 autres ont abandonné

Mom Films Her Daughter’s Babysitter and Finds Out Why the Other 6 Gave Up

Finding a reliable nanny is often an uphill battle for many families. A young woman saw six nannies succeed each other, but they all resigned. Angry, she wants the seventh to be the right one and sets up a device to find out the truth.

A distraught mother

Babysitter: Bridget Elks was a mother in need of a medium on call to pursue his professional career. She is a single mother, so that further complicates matters. She is obliged to work full time and therefore to have a nanny for her children. After many interviews, she finds the rare pearl in the person of Lisa.

This nanny will be in charge of her two children: Kirk who is 1 year old and his sister, Marie who is 6 years old. The young woman felt lucky to have the right person and she could concentrate on her job without worry. The nanny also had to take the children to different extracurricular activities. But, the happiness was short-lived.

The nanny says stop

Babysitter: After all three weeks, Lisa sends a message to Bridget telling her that she is quitting while demanding her salary. When the mother returned home, the nanny did not give her a look. By dint of insisting on understanding the situation, the nanny told her that she was leaving this job because of her daughter. The mother preferred to defend her daughter. So Lisa left and Bridget renewed the interviews to find a new nanny.

Babysitter: In total, six nannies were recruited by Bridget and they left suddenly. But, what is the concern? The mother decided she wouldn’t be fooled a seventh time. Luckily, Bridget manages to find a nanny named Meg. Before her arrival, the young woman installed cameras in her home to find out what was going on. at his home. All the nannies had explained that Marie was the reason for their resignation. The new babysitter was happy, but like the others, after two weeks, she quit. So, Bridget checked the videos recorded by the cameras. And what a surprise.

Babysitter: the mother discovers the true face of her daughter

Marie was another little girl she didn’t know. During the first week, Mary was good. But then she turned into a demon. She sees a stage where Meg asks Marie to give her the diaper bag for the baby. The girl yells at him: “You have no right to tell me what to do!” I’m your boss! » And these words repeated each time his nanny asked him for an action, like washing his hands. Marie refused and shouted. The worst was the day Meg resigned. She asks the girl to make less noise, because her brother is sleeping. Here is his response: “I am your boss! You will get fired! »

Bridget is angry when she discovers her images. She decided to have a conversation with his daughter. The young woman showed him the videos of her behavior. Mary says: “We pay her. I am his boss”. Bridget had to go back to find a new nanny and Marie couldn’t go swimming. The little girl was disappointed. The young woman decides to share her story on social networks : “It’s because of her that the nanny quit and until I find someone else, she won’t be able to do all those fun things the nanny used to take her to.” Bridget let out her rage.

She continues: “I was mad at my daughter and I made it clear to her. I repeatedly confiscated her things and she did nothing fun till today. » The mother also says: “I also stopped arranging playdates for her and her friend who treated her nanny badly (they don’t go to the same school) so they don’t see each other at all now. »

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