Miss Marvel: these hidden details that should not be missed in episode 2

Miss Marvel: these hidden details that should not be missed in episode 2

Have you spotted these nods and easter eggs to the Marvel universe in episode 2 of the “Miss Marvel” series, available now on Disney+?

After a very encouraging first episode, Miss Marvel continues to air on Disney+. The heroine Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), the MCU’s first Muslim superheroine, tries to understand her powers and become the superheroine she always wanted to be over the course of six episodes of the series before finding Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) in the film The Marvels (in July 2023 at the cinema).

In the second episode of Miss Marvel, new winks and easter eggs linked to the extended universe of the Avengers and the MCU. Have you spotted them?

Ant-Man powers

Marvel 2015

While discussing her powers with Bruno, Kamala (Iman Vellani) explains that she tried to shrink, fly, and talk to ants, like Ant-Man, thinking she would have similar powers. Which is a funny note since in the comics, Miss Marvel can change her mass, increasing or shrinking her size, like Ant-Man. This is not the case in the MCU version of Miss Marvel, but that does not prevent the heroine from listening to the podcast of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd).

A joke against trolls and haters

Screenshot / Disney+

In episode 2, a small reference is made to Miss Marvel who is compared to a “cardboard Captain Marvel” (or “budget Captain Marvel”, in VO). This is a snub to social media haters and trolls who criticized the character of Miss Marvel when she was introduced to the MCU. It is also a way of pointing out a narrative spring of the series which aims to show how Kamala will come out of the shadow of Captain Marvel, a superheroine that she admires so much.

The comic book reference for Kamala’s powers

Screenshot / Disney+

The fact that Bruno’s scans show that Kamala’s powers don’t come from the bracelet but from herself is a reference to the comics. Bruno explains that the bracelet only released his latent powers. In the comics, Kamala was born with an Inhuman gene and it’s the Terrigen Mist that unleashes her powers, which she has trouble controlling. We sometimes see his body transform or a luminous form spring from certain parts of his body (like his nose or a huge fist) with an effect almost identical to that of another character from the comics who could be revealed in the sequel. series…

Kamala, an Asgardian?

Marvel Studios 2017

When Kamala wonders where her powers come from, she suggests the funny idea that she might be Asgardian and be related to Thor (Chris Hemsworth). Even if the idea is fanciful, it should be remembered that the Asgardians now live on Earth in New Asgard and it would not be surprising if half-human, half-Asgardian babies joined the MCU.

The reference to an Eternal

Screenshot / Disney+

Kamala and Kamran get closer and discuss their passions, especially for Bollywood films. During their conversation, they refer to Kingo, who is none other than an Eternal! The superhero played by Kumail Nanjiani also has a great acting career, as seen in Chloé Zhao’s film.

Black Widow posing

Screenshot / Disney+

To celebrate her act of bravery and the rescue of the little boy in danger, Kamala strikes a superheroine pose and not just any pose: that of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). A pose notably mocked by Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh). Miss Marvel has no time to savor her victory as she loses control of her powers concentrating on her pose.

Stark Industries 2.0 Drones

Screenshot / Disney+

After saving a little boy with her powers, Kamala is pursued by the Department of Damage Control and variant drones from Stark Industries, which we saw in Spider-Man: Far From Home. It is known in Spider-Man: No Way Home after the identity of Peter Park is revealed to the world that the Departure has commandeered all the advanced equipment and technology from Stark Industries to modify and use them.

Kamran, an Inhuman?

Screenshot / Disney+

At the end of the episode, Kamala manages to escape the Department of Damage Control thanks to Kamran. He picks her up in the car and at the same time introduces her to his mother Najma, who seems very interested in Kamala. In the comics, Kamran was exposed to the Terrigen Mist which revealed his latent Inhuman powers. He is considered a Nuhuman and gets close to Kamala only to deliver her to the villainous Gordon Nobili, aka Lineage, who he works for. Kamran could therefore turn out to be an Inhuman in the series and his mother could be part of the Lineage organization and want to kidnap Kamala. Answer in episode 3.

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