Michel Platini on Swiss television: "Seven years, it's over, they won"

Michel Platini on Swiss television: “Seven years, it’s over, they won”

“I am armored against injustice. When we played football matches, which we lost because of a referee’s decision, for 20-30 years, we are a little shielded. But injustice hurts much more his loved ones, his family, his children, his grandchildren, because they are not prepared to suffer such injustices.he explained to the RTS, which broadcast this interview recorded on June 20 on Sunday, near the court.

Platini draws on this feeling of injustice to fuel his motivation: “I am attacking two very strong organizations: Swiss justice and FIFA billions. It’s hard to fight them, but I still fight against them because I know there is a collusion and they did a lot of things between themselves. Humanly, you are in the fight, the battle. It’s something I like and have always liked. I don’t give up, I won’t give up and I will go all the way”.

“FIFA is held by an administration which has all the means to protect itself. It’s hard to beat them. »

Michel Platini, at the RTS

“Our affair will not end here, because I think that there is a shameful system at FIFA level which does, but that, I understood very late, that there is money for to be elected, to give, and that there are all these commissions – ethics commission, TAS – which are the armed wing to protect themselves. FIFA is held by an administration which has all the means to protect itself. It’s hard to beat them.”added Platini, who filed a complaint in Paris last April against Gianni Infantino for “active influence peddling” and against Marco Villiger, former legal director of FIFA, for “complicity in active influence peddling.

Michel Platini in front of Gianni Infantino, leaving the Élysée, in 2014. (A. Réau / L’Équipe)

The former playmaker of the France team, sidelined from any football-related activity in 2015, believes that his trial is already done, even before knowing the sentence of the Federal Criminal Court of Bellinzona: “I lost, FIFA has already won. It’s been seven years since they stripped me of any ambition I might have had in world football. It’s finish. Seven years is over, they won. Moreover, there is a man who worked in FIFA communications and who said: in any case, who cares, even if there is nothing, because in seven years, professionally will be dead. »

Platini blows what he wants now “to think about other things, about what I could possibly do for the good of football, because I think I am in the good of football, as I have been for 50 years, unlike other people “.


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