Mercato: Zidane will not come this summer but Paris has not thrown in the towel

Mercato: Zidane will not come this summer but Paris has not thrown in the towel

A target of PSG’s top officials, Zinedine Zidane is still a goal some people at the club are working on. In the current state of things, he will not come this summer but within the club, a team continues to work on the file.

Zidane at PSG, it’s not quite over. If according to our information, the former coach of Real Madrid does not want to join Paris this summer, within the club some people are still active in trying to recruit the former leader of the France team on the bench of their team. . According to our information, behind the scenes, hope has not completely disappeared and some maintain it by still working on this file which has been driving the environment of the Parisian club for long weeks.

Riolo: ‘Extremely important PSG players are sure that Zidane will be their coach’

“Today, at the club, there are people who are working for the arrival of Zidane, thus confided Daniel Riolo, editorial writer RMC Sport, Sunday in the After Foot. I will say something sure and certain – to As we speak – extremely important PSG players, those who stayed when we didn’t think they were going to stay, are convinced that Zidane will be their coach.”

“It does not contradict what we say (the fact that Zidane does not want to sign for PSG this summer, editor’s note), continues Riolo. Either we have not told them yet and in which case, they will be very disappointed because, for the stars of the team is Zidane, even today, half an hour ago, ten minutes ago Either it didn’t happen: the failure of QSI was not recorded because if Zidane does not come, it is a failure for QSI, their first failure in terms of a deal. They have always succeeded in all their negotiations and, it is also on this that I based my argument – at beyond my info – because they always get it. If they don’t, okay, that’s plan B.”

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The major reason explaining Zidane’s (temporary?) refusal to sit on the PSG bench this summer is his desire to become coach of the France team if Didier Deschamps is not extended after the World Cup. “The Blues thing, I find it hard to understand, wonders Riolo. It’s the box that I miss in the reasoning. Whether it’s in December or June, he could do a year at PSG. Bet on the fact that Deschamps won’t go far at the World Cup? OK, very good but there could be a lot of things. Le Graët will leave after the World Cup, he will leave his place. Nothing says that a Michel Platini acquitted will not push or return with Zidane, because they get along well and respect each other.”

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