Mercato OM: it's accelerating for Luis Henrique, the details of his (possible) transfer)

Mercato OM: A bigger club is positioning itself on Luis Henrique? He accepts ?

Luis Henrique would have made his choice. The Brazilian winger has no shortage of contenders, after Torino and Napoli in Italy, FC Nantes, and PSV, it is now Flamengo and his former club Botafogo who have him in their sights. The player would have given him his agreement at Flamengo.

OM need to sell but cannot do so at the moment. And the Luis Henrique saga doesn’t help much. While an agreement had been reached with Torino, the player finally turned to FC Nantes to continue his progress in France. But today according to journalist Tiago Franklin, the player would be very close to a return to Brazil, on the side of Flamengo, despite the interest of Botafogo, the club which revealed him. According to the Brazilian journalist, the player would have accepted Flamengo’s proposal, the only thing missing is Longoria’s agreement.

Flamengo want Henrique?

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But the Brazilian club would ask for a loan where OM would like to sell the player, or failing that, lend him with an option to buy. OM, which had an agreement with Torino for a loan with an option to buy 6 million euros, should not go below this proposal, for the player bought 8 million euros in 2020.

Henrique, when I see him on the pitch, I don’t see his big potential. It’s not possible โ€” Di Meco

After the match against Lyon where he was on the field, Luis Henrique had particularly irritated a former OM player: Eric Di Meco. Present on RMC where he is a consultant, he said he saw no potential in what the Brazilian striker offers.

โ€œI think that here in Marseille, there is still a hell of a hangover after this match (against Lyon, note). OM felt like they were in control of the game for a good part. Dembรฉlรฉ came back and it changed the game. Sampaoli has the fault of his qualities. He tries things and can be exciting. But Sampaoli, I have trouble with his team compositions. Me when I see Luis Henrique on the field and Milik on the bench, I cry. I don’t mind Milik not being in good shape, but heyโ€ฆ Henrique, when I see him on the pitch, I don’t see his big potential. It is not possible ” Eric Di Meco โ€“ Source: RMC

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