Meg Rising: behind a giga shark, another mega scam

Meg Rising: behind a giga shark, another mega scam

Warning scam: despite the presence of Tom Sizemore, Meg Rising is only a pitiful mockbuster seeking above all to swindle the (rare) impatient ones who are waiting The Meg 2: The Trench.

As a wise man said (we think it was the Dalai Lama, but we’re not sure), “the bigger the shark on the poster, the worse the film”. Questionable theory if any (dare you tell us that the promo visuals of Land Shark don’t make you want to move to China), but which particularly applies to Meg Rising. The cover of the DVD that you will find very quickly at 3 euros in your local Carrefour sports a shark in the process of chewing up an aircraft carrier.

Disabling proportions to say the least, which probably force it to remain vertical in the Mariana Trench, but which are largely scaled down in the film. Rest assured: the three animals are still authentic digital megalodons, capable of sinking an American military ship with their jaws alone. And they are not going to deprive themselves of it, in the middle of a geopolitical crisis at the Bay of Pigs level. On paper, Meg Rising is a bold, yet appetizing cross between The song of the wolf and In troubled waters. In fact, it’s a typical Asylum production that wants your money.

“They move in herds…”

Above all, the military context allows Brian Nowakrepeat offender to whom we owe Jurassic Domination (released by chance at the same time as Jurassic World Dominion), Meteor Moon (came out by chance a little before moonfall) and soon Bullet Train Downot (no relation to Bullet Trainif not by chance) to film four actors in a cabin barely larger than a Parisian maid’s room for 1h10.

The remaining ten minutes being devoted to a little less than ten CGI shots of the most beautiful effect and a final press conference scene which nevertheless brings together 4 extras. One would think that the elusion in extremis of a third world war and the discovery of three megalodons attract more journalists, but it must have been missing from Burkhini.

Meg Rising: Photo“We invited Le Point, but they did not come”

You will have recognized the trademark of the Asylum mockbusters, real scams that sometimes allow themselves to humiliate an old Hollywood glory in passing. In this case, this time it is the veteran Tom Sizemore who mechanically declaims his text in a unique setting. The legendary second knife is customary because 35 of his films are about to be released in the next two years. This is called active retirement.

Meg Rising can nevertheless boast of being one of the most vicious Asylum productions in recent years. Usually, they more or less accompany the releases of blockbusters, just to trap the consumer in a hurry (and not savvy in graphics). Except that this Megalodon Rising clearly hunting on the lands of The Megalready imitated in 2018 with Megalodon. It therefore passes more easily for an independent B series, or even for a sequel. The poster and the French title sow doubt. It is therefore incumbent on us to establish the truth: a The Meg 2 is well under constructionwith Ben Wheatley at the controls, Jason Statham in the main role, but also a little more budget.

Meg Rising is available on DVD and VOD since July 1st.


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