Maurice-Revello tournament: France overthrows Venezuela and wins the title

Maurice-Revello tournament: France overthrows Venezuela and wins the title

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Blueberries did it! After their last title in 2015, France had no longer succeeded in triumphing during the Maurice-Revello Tournament. At the end of a successful run (6-2 against Argentina, 4-1 against Mexico), the tricolor selection found Venezuela in the final and was keen to win the title of this 2022 edition. For this last duel, Bernard Diomede trusted Cimignani, Akliouche and Aouchiche to make up for the absence of Ekitike, just behind Mara.

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But this final of the Maurice-Revello Tournament was anything but a formality for the Blues. Despite a crossbar found by Aouchiche, the French faced impressive Venezuelans physically and athletically. And the tricolor defensive passivity clearly helped the South Americans, who logically opened the scoring thanks to a strike from Segovia, not attacked by Esteve, who finished in the empty goal and concluded a good counter-attack action (1-0 , 7th).

Nathanael Mbuku changed everything

Unable to deploy their game and jostled against starving Venezuelans, the Blueberries could not come back to score. Just before half-time, De Santis got the better of Matsima and attempted a daring lob that narrowly escaped the target (44th). But Bernard Diomède’s speech at half-time had an effect since the Tricolores came back with a different face in the second half and were rewarded thanks to a good entry from Mbuku, decisive on the equalizer of Akliouche (1-1 , 53rd).

Better in the game, France finally managed to get the upper hand on their opponent to finally produce the game and show what they had been able to do best in this tournament, with 15 goals scored in their last three matches. Akliouche (56th), then Aouchiche (65th) just missed allowing the Bleuets to take the advantage. Released after the exclusion of Ruiz (77th), the Bleuets put pressure on the opposing goal. It was finally on a curled shot from Mbuku that they were finally able to take the advantage and win after a more than complicated match, where they were pushed to the end (85th, 88th). The first trophy for young tricolors for seven years!

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