Marvel may have found a new Wolverine to succeed Hugh Jackman

Marvel may have found a new Wolverine to succeed Hugh Jackman

It’s been five years since Hugh Jackman hung up his claws and Marvel is looking for a successor. An actor from Kingsman would have been approached.

With the exception of a discreet cameo at the end of the second Dead PoolAustralian actor Hugh Jackman hasn’t put on the Wolverine costume since he was tortured Loganin 2017. With the disappearance of the first avengers and the promise of a rapprochement between the MCU and the X-Menmany followers of the Marvel universe hope to see the return of Wolverine. Problem : Jackman has already said (and repeated) that he has moved on. For Kevin Feige and his colleagues, it is therefore necessary to find a new actor to interpret the mutant and the negotiations seem to be progressing well.

Casting criterion n°1: beautiful abs

In any case, this is what the British actor leaked Taron Egerton during an interview with the New York Times. His name has been circulating the halls of Marvel Studios for a while. Questioned about this by the journalists of the famous daily, the actor clearly implied that he had been approached by the teams of Kevin Feige :

“I would be really excited [à l’idée de jouer Logan] and at the same time a little anxious, because Hugh is so associated with this role. I wonder if it’s not too difficult for someone else to succeed him… Hopefully it will work out, they’ll give me a chance.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle : Foto Taron EgertonCasting criterion n°2: a square and sharp jaw

For the first time, an actor evokes quite clearly this type of discussion. We can conclude two things: Marvel is seriously considering integrating Logan into the MCU in the medium term and then Egerton gives himself the means to integrate the legendary universe. With such calls from the foot, he revives the craze around a possible comeback of the mutant. Still, for the moment, no trace of Wolverine in phase 4. A glorious cameo X-Men is quite possible, evidenced by their brief appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

X-Men: photo, Hugh JackmanCasting criterion n°3: grow sideburns

Taron Egerton made a name for himself playing the spy apprentice in the franchise Kingsman since 2015. With his Welsh accent, sense of humor and cheeky verve, he quickly became one of the hottest English actors in Hollywood. He recently showed that he can also sing by lending his voice to one of the characters from the animated films All on stage and of course, playing the role of Elton John in the biopic Rocketman.

He recently starred in a play (Cock) in the West End in London, in which he gave the reply to Jonathan Bailey (aka Lord Anthony Bridgerton in the eponymous series, on Netflix). Sick, he had to give up the role after a few performances. Before his possible entry into the MCU, we can find him soon in the television series black birdexpected on July 8 on Apple TV+. It should also be featured in the next Kingsman in 2024


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