Marvel: Chris Evans would rather return as Torch than as Captain America in the MCU

Marvel: Chris Evans would rather return as Torch than as Captain America in the MCU

If offered, Chris Evans would be willing to resume the role he had in Fantastic Four in a possible reboot.

Always in full promotion for Buzz Lightning, Chris Evans answers many questions about the rest of his career and his future plans. Key actor of a decade of MCU films, he already recently explained his position on the possibility for him to embody Captain America again. However, Chris Evans’ career at Marvel didn’t start with this role.

Indeed, long before Captain America: First Avenger, in 2011, Chris Evans had been cast as Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch. He thus appeared for his first superhero film in 2005 in Fantastic Four then in 2007, in its sequel, The Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer. A major member of the hero group, however, time revealed that this was not where Chris Evans was destined to shine. However, the actor doesn’t seem to be running away from that other superhero past.

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Thus, Chris Evans responded with great enthusiasm to MTV News as to his possible desire to do his return as the Human Torch :

My God, wouldn’t that be great? But no one told me about a possible return. I’m not the same physically as I was 15, 20 years ago, but I really love this character. But come to think of it, does Marvel really have plans for Fantastic Four?”

As everyone knows, obviously Marvel has plans, Jon Watts (director of the final trilogy Spiderman) was originally supposed to handle the reboot but pulled out of the project. Orphan of a director, however, we no longer know what Marvel actually wants to do with the Fantastic Four, even if some elements of the latest Marvel films (in particular Doctor Strange 2) suggest that the MCU is well versed on the issue.

Fantastic 4 and the Silver Surfer : photo Chris Evans, Michael ChiklisChris Evans was also the Thing… for a short time, fortunately

Always quite cautious about Captain America, Chris Evans has also proven to be more adventurous to be the Human Torch again:

Listen, bets are off! I’d love it ! In fact, it would be easier for me to come back as Johnny Storm than as Captain America. Cap is so precious to me and I don’t want to misrepresent the experience I had with this superhero. […] I think La Torche didn’t really have a chance. We made these films before Marvel found its footing. I love this role so who knows?

The actor therefore seems more than motivated to ignite the screens again (literally). We remember that The Fantastic Four had missed their return in 2015 in the reboot of Josh Trank and in which the Human Torch was played by Michael B. Jordan. The younger team had not been able to convince in a film with a chaotic production, almost denied by its director.

Fantastic Four : photo Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Ioan GruffuddMarvel from another time

No door therefore closes for the former interpreters of these superheroes who have not yet found their place in the current MCU. In the meantime, Chris Evans is not in a hurry, because he will be busy with his next role with the Russo brothers, first in The Gray Man (which will be released on Netflix on July 22) then in the prequel, already under construction.


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