Marvel: after Hugh Jackman, the Russo brothers would see this Avengers in Wolverine in the MCU

Marvel: after Hugh Jackman, the Russo brothers would see this Avengers in Wolverine in the MCU

With the end of the Infinity Saga, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is slowly moving towards its new arc. New heroes are introduced regularly, either through films, like Shang-Chi or The Eternals, or through Disney+ series, like Ms.Marvel or She-Hulk. And with the acquisition of Fox, Marvel now owns the film rights to the X-Men and therefore Wolverine. For the Russo brothers, this Avengers is the legitimate successor of Logan.

a successor to Hugh Jackman among the avengers?

The integration of Wolverine in the MCU is a question Marvel has been grappling with since the Fox takeover. Extremely popular, the mutant must now return to our screens. But after Logan in 2017, Hugh Jackman gave up on the character of Wolverine. It is therefore difficult to foresee the arrival of Wolverine in the MCU, knowing that the two are forever linked in the hearts of fans. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessfans of Marvel productions were able to discover the introduction of the X-Men in the MCU with the presence of Professor Xavier, played on screen by Patrick Stewart.

What about Wolverine? Marvel’s release schedule doesn’t suggest the rest of the X-Men will arrive for some time, allowing speculation to run rampant. But for the Russo brothers, the new interpreter of Logan seems to have found everything. In an interview with Comicbook, the directors ofAvengers: Infinity War and Endgame revealed who they think could be Hugh Jackman’s successor for the role of Wolverine.

comic books: If you were to work with Evans on another Marvel movie, in the Multiverse, as a character different from Captain America, what role would you cast him in the movie?

Joe Russo: Wolverine.

An answer validated by Anthony Russo. “Evans has incredible range and great physicality, and he’s really good at body control“, continues Joe Russo. “He’s an incredible actor. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but he has nothing to do with Captain America. Steve Rogers is very controlled, calm and discreet. Chris is energetic, funny and charismatic, and he brings a lot of energy to the set. I would love to see him do something like Wolverine.” To give you an idea of ​​what Chris Evans could look like in Wolverine, find below a creation of the famous BossLogic in 2019.

But Lucas Lee Logan is still the best choice @ChrisEvans

May 21, 2019

But with the end of Phase IV drawing closer, and details to come for Phase V from Kevin Feige in the coming months, the arrival of mutants in the MCU is getting closer. It remains to be seen how Marvel intends to go about it. In addition, it will be interesting to know the mutants present. Towards the return of the complete cast of the latest films? A new feature film planned? An arrival on Disney + in the form of a series? Answer in the next few months.

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