Martinican graffiti artists Oshea and Xan return from Benin - Martinique la 1ère

Martinican graffiti artists Oshea and Xan return from Benin – Martinique la 1ère

Martinican graffiti artists Oshea, whose real name is Sébastien Dométile and Nuxuno Xan dit Xan, have returned from Benin at the invitation of the Effect Art Festival. 27 international graffiti artists gave themselves to their heart’s content, making their brushes do the talking as part of a daring cultural bet: to create the largest wall over a 1km 300 in Cotonou, the country’s capital.

After the record for the longest graffiti wall in Africa acquired in 2021, Benin’s “Effet Graff” festival is launching another challenge, that of the longest wall over 300 kilometers making the country one of the references in Africa in terms of graffiti and urban art.

The organizers are aiming for 1km 300 of tags and original paintings until the end of the year in order to break the record for the longest graffiti fresco in the world.

27 international artists, including the Martinican graffiti artists Oshea, whose real name is Sébastien Dométile and Xan (Nuxuxo Xan), have worked to achieve this challenge. The two Martiniquans were received by Colline Lee-Toumson (West Indian) in charge of mission at the Presidency of Benin.

Colline Lee-Toumson in charge of mission at the Presidency of Benin receives graffiti artists during the EFFECT graff festival

© Yevedo photo

How not to keep an imperishable memory of a creative collective in a country that is not at its first attempt.

Initiated by Laurenson Djihouessi, “Mr Stone” by his artist name, graffiti is a buoyant art in Benin, it is also a moment of sharing around a story and creation.

Oshea, and Xan have worked alongside the Brazilian artist Ed-Mun, Edgar Bernardo Dos Santos, but also with graffiti artists from Ghana, Senegal, Belgium, Benin like Lionel Attéré, Drusille Fagnibo.

This insane project remains the story of the new Benin under construction in which tradition and modernity combine harmoniously.

The Martiniquais Sébastien Dométile immersed himself in the culture of Street art from his adolescence and produced his first fresco at 14 years old. In 1991, he discovered the graffiti universe of Mode 2, one of the first street painters, from the Hip Hop culture.

Oshea decides to make it her job. From 1999 to 2004, he specialized in multimedia graphics at the Regional Institute of Visual Arts in Martinique before continuing his technical and aesthetic training at Objectif 3D in Montpellier, a school specializing in 3D computer graphics.

I started a process of cultural and artistic deepening of my geographical and archipelago area, Martinique and the Caribbean. This allowed me to rediscover emblematic literary and artistic works and to reclaim traditional and heritage cultural legacies in order to transpose them into an urban and contemporary language.

Martinican graffiti artist Oshea

This initiatory pilgrimage allowed him to rediscover the work of Kokkho René-Corail, who in his eyes is the first street artist.

Graffiti artists are a big family


Xan his sidekick, offers colorful frescoes referring to local and global popular culture. These two Martinican graffiti artists multiply their experiments by promoting the Creole identity open to the world.

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