Marseillaise à pétanque 2022: the Hatchadourian team passes the Bonetto obstacle without worry 13 to 4

Marseillaise à pétanque 2022: the Hatchadourian team passes the Bonetto obstacle without worry 13 to 4

The surprise in this clash of the 16th finals is that there was no match between the Hatchadourian team, Deslys and Baudino against the experienced Bonetto, Lucchesi and Riviera. Clean and flawless score 13 to 4.

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La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

The game has turned and the Bonetto team is no longer there at all. Whether in point or shooting, David Riviera, Pierre Lucchesi and David Riviera did not manage to get into their round of 16. On the contrary opposite, Hatchadourian and his teammates are applied and concentrated. This is enough to remove the gain from the game after two unsuccessful attempts to shoot Bonetto. Final score 13 to 4.

The sixth lead is back in the pocket of the Hatchadourian triplet thanks to a perfect point from Gignacais Anthony Deslys who thwarts his opponents, with three failed shots from Bonetto and Lucchesi. Riviera is not in the game either, and the Hatchadourian team adds SIX points. Hatchadourian now leads 11 to 4!

The Bonetto team is better and has the opportunity to make a big lead, after a rather complicated act for the Hatchadourian team. We changed shooters precisely in this triplet since Mayron Baudino went into shooting. But while Bonetto and Lucchesi had three balls to hit hard, the “little Prince” team only scored two points. The score tightens: 5 to 4 for Hatchadourian.

A lead which is rather to the advantage of the Bonetto team. With two shots from Mika Bonetto then a long shot from Pierre Lucchesi who made a “scissor” by taking out two balls at once. Lucchesi adds a 2nd point. These are the first two points of Riviera-Lucchesi-Bonetto. The score is 5 to 2.

While the lead is unfavorable to the Hatchadourian team with several errors both on shots and on the back-up, Mayron Baudino makes two very heavy shots from nearly ten meters, on the first he makes a diamond, on the second he makes a puck . There are three boules left to play for the Bonetto team, but both Pierrot Lucchesi and Mika Bonetto find the solution inexplicably. And the Hatchadourian team adds a very happy point to lead 5-0.

The goal is 9m60 and Anthony Deslys is a little short on the first ball of the lead. But luckily for him, David Riviera is too long for him and he advances his opponent’s ball dangerously. Mika Bonetto tries a shot but his ball jumps a little too early. What followed was even more complicated for the Bonetto team, with balls lost by Riviera and Lucchesi. Pierrot Lucchesi’s second is perfect, but Hatchadourian twice manages to dismiss it but makes a diamond that counts. Two additional points for the Hatchadourian team. The score is 4 to 0.

Under a stifling heat on the Carré d’honneur France 3, the game begins with a small fight between the scorers David Riviera and Anthony Deslys. Mika Bonetto hits his two balls perfectly, and he forces Mayron Baudino to win the point twice by pointing, he in the middle of the Hatchadourian triplet. “Maciste” manages to place a ball neatly near the stopper, and even adds a second for the opener in this part. 2-0 for Hatchadourian.

The 16th finals start this afternoon with necessarily very good games. On the Carré d’honneur France 3, we find regulars of the last big competition games with David Riviera, Pierre Lucchesi and the “little Prince” Mika Bonetto, facing a triplet who is playing together for the first time and with pretty names. like Michel Hatchadourian nicknamed “Maciste”, the young martégal Mayron Baudino one of the hopes of French petanque, and then the pointer Anthony Deslys licensed at the Imperial Club of Propriano, originally from Gignac.

These two teams are cut out to go to the end of this 61st Mondial la Marseillaise à pétanque, even if the triplet of Mickaël Bonetto has a small psychological advantage for having already evolved on the square of honor France 3 during the first day.

We will feast !

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