Marina Foïs reprimanded by her two sons: “You are unsympathetic, pretentious…”

Marina Foïs reprimanded by her two sons: “You are unsympathetic, pretentious…”

This Wednesday, June 29, Marina Foïs is back in theaters with the film Freewheeling. Having become a star actress of French cinema, the actress can count on the outspokenness of her two sons so as not to take the big head, as she revealed in the columns of Tele-Leisure.

Children who don’t have their tongues in their pocket! Revealed in the troop of Robin Hood in the 1990s, Marina Foïs continues to make her merry way and multiply roles on the big screen. A notoriety that has sometimes played tricks on the actress who will star in the film Freewheelingon Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Fortunately, the 52-year-old actress can count on his two sons to keep your feet on the ground, as she confided in an interview with Tele-Leisure. “I have two safeguards: my sons”. To back up his point, Eric Lartigau’s ex-girlfriend revealed a rather funny anecdote. While she was at MoMa in New York with her two sons, Marina Foïs was arrested by two French tourists asking her for a selfie. “I replied to them: ‘You are crazy! We are in front of a Van Gogh, you are not going to take my picture'”she remembered.

A reaction that was not to the liking of Lazare and Georges. “My sons kicked my ass”, she assured. And to add: “They told me : ‘You are unsympathetic, pretentious, you have to be nice to people!’ It reframes me.” And Marina Foïs can count on the frankness of her two boys on a daily basis. In the columns of the magazine Society in 2019, the heroine of mom or dad confided in the special relationship she has with her sons. “They have a distance that I find very beneficial. They find that I don’t turn very well, she said. Surrounded by her sons, Marina Foïs definitely cannot freewheel.

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Marina Foïs: her rare secrets about her two sons

Marina Foïs will not be able to count on her two boys to take over. Very discreet about his family life, Louane’s great friend made of tender revelations about the passions of his two offspring in the columns of Madame Figaroon newsstands Thursday, June 23. “My sons are fortunate to be driven by a passion and gifted in their field: the eldest is 17, he dreams of becoming a pilot and already excels in karting competition. The youngest is 13 years old and sees himself as a restaurant chef, informed the mother of the family to our colleagues. Very attentive to the development of her children, Marina Foïs admitted that educating young boys was not an easy task.

“I remember a scene from A Violent Life, by Thierry de Peretti, in which a mother who has lost her teenage daughter says: ‘I didn’t listen to her enough.’ This sentence upset me”admitted the actress. “I believe that the framework that is imposed on them and the principles that are instilled in them only work if we listen to them and if we look at them with accuracy. We have to try to find out who these people are and what they need beyond what we believe is good for them.”she concluded.

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