"Un truc de ouf !" : la comédienne Marilou Berry partage une nouvelle dont elle ne se remet pas !

Marilou Berry reveals an unpublished snapshot of the father of her son, a very discreet known artist

Marilou Berry is an actress who needs no introduction. Indeed, on the strength of its success, she is one of the most famous actresses of her generation. But not all stars are talkative about their private lives. Yet, all successful people can arouse the curiosity of the public. This discrepancy therefore pushes fans to dig as much as possible to find out the details of the daily lives of their favorite artists. However, in the columns of the magazine PurepeoplewritingObjeko was able to find some information about Marilou Berry’s companion. The father of his son, so discreet on the networks and in the media, would be a popular French artist. We tell you everything, with some supporting images.

Marilou Berry lives with a sculptor, the Diamantaire

Indeed, it was in 2017 that Marilou Berry fell in love with this street artist named Alexis. And it doesn’t take long for them to become patent and start their family. The Diamantaire is discreet on the Web, he only presents his art. And on the side of the social networks of our favorite actress, her companion is just as discreet. Rare are the photos of his companion, just like those of his son. We have to believe that Marilou Berry is faithful to her desire to make a distinction between her private life and her public life. However, this does not prevent him, to the delight of his fans, from sharing a few moments of his daily life on the Web.

Also in the media, Marilou Berry wants to talk about her lover. As our colleagues from the magazine point out Purepeopleit was in 2018 for the columns of Biba that she was leaving her companion’s work with admiration. “He started by pasting mirror-encrusted painted diamonds in the streets. He now makes superb pieces always around the diamond. You can follow him on his Instagram. And I’m not saying that because he’s my lover. »said the actress.

An artist his girlfriend admires

Thus, since this statement and a few others, Objeko do not hide from you that the press has necessarily tried to find out more about the one who shares the life of Marilou Berry. But scandal lovers were quickly able to get dressed. Indeed, Andy’s dad doesn’t have any nice embarrassing files that he hides in the back of his cupboards. What the press then manages to learn about him concerns only his work. Once again, these are our colleagues from the magazine Purepeople who find a detailed description of the Diamantaire on the website Singularity.

“After falling in love with a graffiti tag in a magazine as a teenager, he decided to pursue art and study metalwork. Since 2011, he has been developing a street art project on the theme of diamonds, collecting abandoned mirrors and reinventing them as public works of art on the walls. », can we read. And as Marilou Berry also pointed out, the works of his companion are described as “superb kaleidoscopic universes that play with light and dimensions using steel and mirrors”.

The rare photos of Marilou Berry’s companion

Finally, to learn more about the couple of Marilou Berry, it will be necessary to be satisfied with recovering the information that the latter wants to share with her audience. And it is therefore on Instagram that we have the best chance of finding our happiness, Objeko grant it to you. Between her interviews and the few photos she shares on her social networks, fans of Marilou Berry will eventually be able to get an idea of ​​the daily life of this talented actress. She spoke, for example, of her role as a mother in the columns of Tele-Leisurein 2020.

“My son is great! We are really lucky, he smiles all the time, he is calm and happy. It’s cool, but I don’t feel particularly cool. I feel rather stressed to have to manage a lot of things, tired, I try to cook… I hope to be a relaxed mom. », could we read. As for the images, it is indeed on the social networks of Marilou Berry that it will be necessary to go. But also accept that the photos of his companions are rarejust like those of their little boy.

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