Madonna: here is the actress who will play the singer in the biopic and she looks so much like her!

Madonna: here is the actress who will play the singer in the biopic and she looks so much like her!

And here’s the actress who will play the singer in the pop star’s biopic! Madonna will carry out the long-awaited project.


Who will play Madonna in the singer-authorized biopic? It would seem that the pop star has found the ideal candidate, in the person of … Julia Garner!

If that name means nothing to you on paper, you may have seen her recently in a Netflix series, Inventing Anna. She is also well known to fans of the Ozark series, still for Netflix. We also saw her in the shock film, The Assistant, freely inspired by the Weinstein affair.

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Julia Garner, here, in the film Grandma by Paul Weitz, released on VOD in France in 2016.

This name is not entirely a surprise. Rumors were already circulating about that of Julia Garner. Those of Florence Pugh, Odessa Young and Alexa Demie had also circulated.

On Instagram, the singer had followed Julia Garner, between a few writing sessions that she documented on video on her personal account, suggesting that her preference for going to her:

What you need to know about this biopic project

What do we know about this Madonna biopic project? In 2017, Universal studios announced a biopic on Madonnafrom a script by Elyse Hollander and titled Blond Ambition, in reference to the name of one of his cult world tours. But, furious, the first concerned had not hesitated to publicly torpedo the project, affirming that “nobody knows what she knows and what she saw“.

Three years later, the singer therefore took matters into her own hands, still alongside Universal, with an autobiographical film that she co-wrote with screenwriter Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for her work on Juno in 2008. Behind the camera, Madonna herself. The latter having already made several films.

In a statement, Madonna explained: “The main subject of the film will always be the music. Music kept me going and art kept me alive. There are so many inspiring stories that have never been told, and who better than me to share them? It’s essential to come back on the roller coaster that is my life with my voice and my vision.

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Madonna’s film career has had its ups and downs. In 1997, she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for Alan Parker’s Evita, a success she unfortunately never found as an actress in the following years. This personal biopic will mark her third achievement after Obscenity and Virtue in 2008 and WE in 2011, a film for which she won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song with Masterpiece.

(Re)discover the trailer for “WE”, Madonna’s second film:

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