Lowering the price of cinema tickets to bring the public back to the cinema, a false good idea?

Lowering the price of cinema tickets to bring the public back to the cinema, a false good idea?

If the dark rooms are experiencing a drop in attendance, the president of the National Federation of French Cinemas believes that the price of cinema tickets is not in question. Even more: lowering its price would make the situation worse.

From July 3 and until Wednesday July 6, you can see all films showing for 4 euros on the occasion of the Film Festival.

Unfortunately, this beautiful event is not enough to stem thehe phenomenon of decline experienced by cinemas. Since the Covid-19 crisisprofessionals in the sector are between 20% to 30% the number of spectators who did not return to theaters.

France, relatively spared by the global cinema crisis

In an interview given to France Info, Richard Patry dissected the links between the crisis in cinemas and the price of a place. The president of the National Federation of French Cinemas is categorical: lowering the ticket price would not solve the problem…and would even create new ones.

To better question this crisis, Patry began by placing French cinemas in the global context. Indeed, if they record an estimated drop of between 25% and 30%, these figures appear according to him as ” a miracle compared to other countries. And for good reason : ” Spain is at minus 50%, Italy minus 70% “.

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Is cinema expensive?

If the French situation is less dramatic than in other countries, the challenge for the sector is to find 100% of its spectators. The difficulty is all the greater since, beyond the problem of the pandemic, the explosion platforms harms the cinema ecosystem.

When France Info pointed out to Patry that a full-fare ticket cost 15 euros, or one month subscription to a streaming service, the president of the Federation explained that 81% of spectators do not pay full price.

The average price is 7.05 euros. Go to the Foire du Trône with 7 euros, you’ll see how long you’ll last. Find me a theater ticket for less than 7 euros. Go to the opera for less than 7 euros.

Richard Patry, President of the National Federation of French Cinemas.

Studies say that indeed, some people think cinema tickets are too expensive. People who think movie tickets are too expensive are the ones who don’t go. Those who go to the cinema absolutely do not mention the reason of the price as a brake.

Rates that support the industry

Behind the price of the cinema ticket, there is a whole industry. Indeed, France has a financing model unique in the world in which a percentage is deducted from each ticket sold to finance some of the new productions.

Thus, Richard Patry explains:

France undoubtedly has the most beautiful cinema park in the world. If you lower the price of places, we will no longer have the possibility of investing.

Today, we can clearly see that the 75% of spectators who have returned to theaters are expecting welcoming, modern places, since they want the experience to be exceptional. They want to see films that also cost a lot of money to produce.

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