Lot: originally from Figeac, the artist Lysa Sarkis, who exhibits all over the world, delivers a stele and four canvases for Eureka!

Lot: originally from Figeac, the artist Lysa Sarkis, who exhibits all over the world, delivers a stele and four canvases for Eureka!

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A figure of Happy Art all over the world, painter Lysa Sarkis happily returns to Figeac to take part in the Eurêka event! by unveiling four original works at the Champollion museum and a stele permanently installed in the courtyard of the town hall.

From Los Angeles to Tokyo, Lysa Sarkis exhibits her works around the world. The painter and visual artist has gained in a few years an international reputation which allows her to live entirely from her work. Based in Paris, this Figeacoise – Laurence Najm, former municipal councilor of the Lot sub-prefecture – has remained very attached to “her city of heart” where her son lives and where her studio is located. “I have long dreamed of doing something here. I travel all over the world but I have never really presented my work in Figeac” confides the artist who looks back on a decisive meeting in 2019. “I talked about my project idea around universal writing, one of my whims, to Céline Ramio, the curator of the Champollion museum. There was Gilbert Mijoule with whom I exchanged a lot and to whom I would like to pay tribute today” book Lysa Sarkis.

A project on universal writing

The idea caught on. A few months ago, the artist reconnected with the museum departments preparing the Eureka event! to celebrate the bicentenary of the deciphering of hieroglyphs by the most illustrious of Figeacois. The project, baptized Universalitas, took shape: a sculpture and four canvases were commissioned from the artist, moved by this trust, who spent months refining her creations. “It’s really very special for me, like recognition and even a culmination. I am very honored that the city of Figeac called on me”.
For the sculpture, the artist who had carte blanche chose to reconstruct the “missing part of the Rosetta Stone” and to translate into pictograms the first sentence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “all men are born free and equal in rights”. “I am a sculptor but I use steel. I asked the Figeacois Philippe Riesenmey, stonemason, to be my hands for this creation. I wanted beautiful work”. The original Lavoux stone stele has already taken place in the courtyard of the town hall and will be unveiled to the public on Friday during the opening in the presence of the artist. The opportunity for Lysa Sarkis to also show the four paintings exhibited on the top floor of the Champollion museum. Amidst the bright colors characteristic of his Happy Art style, the refrain of the Ode to Joy is written in four languages ​​(in hieroglyphics, Morse code, sound undulation and Elvish). At the end of October, these works will be exhibited at the gallery on rue Caviale where Lysa Sarkis is currently presenting some of her works.

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