LIVE VIDEO.  La Marseillaise à pétanque: 5th round Foyot against Salvini, a shock that keeps all its promises

LIVE VIDEO. La Marseillaise à pétanque: 5th round Foyot against Salvini, a shock that keeps all its promises

At the opening of the 5th round of this Mondial la Marseillaise à pétanque 2022, Marco Foyot’s team, still looking for its 7th star, will be opposed to a very experienced team with two former winners of the Mondial Salvini and Lellouche.

Experience the Mondial de la Pétanque:
La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

Another huge lead from both teams with eight very well played balls. While Sanvers comes “to suckle the cork”. Even at ten meters, Salvini does not tremble and the goal is out. Lead cancelled.

While his team is penalized with one ball less than his opponents following the orange card distributed by the referee, Jean Feltain known as “Moineau” achieves a real feat. On his only ball, he tries to shoot the goal at nine meters, and he takes it “full iron”! Congratulations to “Sparrow” who stayed in his game despite the blow of arbitration.

Finally a big lead for the Foyot team with six balls perfectly played by the three players. Feltain hits twice and frames each time. A final puck from “Sparrow” Feltain offers four points to his team. but unfortunately when he had already been warned by one of the referees, he leaves the circle before his ball has touched the ground. The rules are implacable, Feltain will play the next lead with only one ball following this orange card. The score is 11-7 for Salvini.

We are really in the money-time of this game which seems to have chosen its future winner. On the regularity the Salvini team is more solid and efficient, and even if Foyot achieves some exploits in point, Lellouche manages a square on the spot which gives the advantage of balls to his triplet. Finally only one point for Savini who leads 11 to 3.

Badly embarked on this 9th lead, the Foyot team found themselves with their backs to the wall, and the six-time winner of the Marseillaise tried the cork and he succeeded! Conduct canceled…

A new point for the Salvini team which continues to unfold. Opposite, we have the impression that the Foyot team no longer really believes in it. While managing, Cédric Salvini and Kevin Lellouche even have the possibility of winning on this lead but it doesn’t go as planned, and the score only goes up to 10-3 for the winners of the 2015 World Cup (Salvini and Lellouche).

A big stroke of luck in this lead badly negotiated by the Foyot team which hits a ball which pushes the cork back a few meters and offers a big possibility to the Salvini team which will take advantage of it and score four points to lead 9 to 3.

Another big duel of pointers between Lapeyre and Sanvers. Lellouche misses a shot attempt and finds himself forced to point his last ball because “Sparrow” Feltain manages to hit him perfectly. The Foyot team finds itself with three balls to add some points and get closer to its opponents. The six-time winner of the Mondial la Marseillaise adds a point to make it two. The Foyot-Sanvers-Feltain triplet comes back to 5-3.

Armand Sanvers gets closer to the stopper and this allows the Foyot team to take the reins of the game. Lellouche misses his first shot of the game and Salvini cannot take back the mark. Lellouche taps on his second try, and Sanvers stays on track. The point is for the Foyot team who have three balls left in their hands, and whether it is “Moineau” Feltain then Marco Foyot twice tries to play hard on the cork. Nothing goes as planned, and finally there is only one point scored by the Foyot triplet. The score is 5 to 1 for Cédric Salvini.

We lengthen the game a little to almost nine meters, and Christian Lapeyre always makes miseries to his “alter ego” in point. In difficulty in this fourth end, the Foyot team had to react and Marco made a very nice “devant-de-boules”. Lellouche makes another winning shot while Feltain makes a small miss on his two attempts. The lead once again goes to the Salvini team, which adds two points. The score climbs to 5-0.

The stopper is at 7m90 and the advantage in point leans towards Lapeyre. Jean “Moineau” Feltain is perfect in shooting with two successes on his first two attempts. At the point it remains complicated with Armand Sanvers in difficulty at the start of the game, and Marco Foyot has to do it twice to win the point. But Lellouche is really very very good in his game. He doesn’t miss a ball. One more point for Salvini for a score of 3-0.

Foyot shows that he is still very strong, while his team is in difficulty after two balls not very well negotiated by the pointer Armand Sanvers, manages to cork. Kevin Lellouche’s shot is good but it does not prevent the goal from spinning at 8m90. Feltain is still well in his game with in particular a high quality point but Lellouche does not move, it is already 4 out of 4 in shooting. One more point for the Salvini team which leads 2 to 0.

A first leads marked by the two magnificent strikes of Kevin Lellouche, plus the puck of Cédric Salvini. While “Moineau” Feltain points to perfection twice, it is Christian Lapeyre who completes this inaugural end with a victorious shot. 1-0 for Salvini.

Seeing petanque artists evolve on the Carré d’honneur France 3 is always a great moment, and when these great champions are named Marco Foyot or Cédric Salvini, it becomes an event. For the 5th round of the “biggest boules competition in the world” it is a very big poster which is proposed to you on the Carré d’honneur France 3 between the team of Marco Foyot, the team of Jean “moineau” Feltain and the pointer to the Aix-en-Provence region Armand Sanvers.

They are clearly looking for the prestigious trophy of the Marseillaise to bring to seven victories here at the Marseillaise for Foyot and thus equal the record of Albert Pisapia.
After winning their framing game, Foyot and co face Cédric Salvini and Kevin Lellouche, winners of the World Cup in 2015, associated this year with the formidable Christian Lapeyre.

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