List of The Quarry Game Actors and Their Most Popular Movies

List of The Quarry Game Actors and Their Most Popular Movies

The video game has an incredible roster of stunning actors that you probably recognize from a host of great movies. or television series.

The spiritual successor of Supermassive Games to the series Until Dawn does not have the same dose of fear as the events of Blackwood Mountain, but it’s a well-done experience with stunning graphics. And those stunning visuals put all of the cast under a microscope to the point where you can almost see the blackheads on their faces and the hairs on their noses.

You probably recognize the Hacketts and camp monitors from a slew of classic horror movies and popular TV series.

List of The Quarry game cast members

Below is the official cast list for the game The Quarry video game next to their character:

  • David Arquette – Chris
  • Siobhan Williams – Laura
  • Skyler Gisondo – Max
  • Ariel Winter – Abigail
  • Brenda Song – Kaitlyn
  • Evan Evagora – Nick
  • Halston Sage – Emma
  • Justice Smith–Ryan
  • Miles Robbins – Dylan
  • Zach Tinker – Jacob
  • Ted Raimi – Travis
  • Lance Henriksen – Jedediah
  • Ethan Suplee – Bobby
  • Lin Shaye – Constance
  • Grace Zabriskie – Eliza

The above list is taken from the game’s official website.

The best movies and TV shows

As you can see from the official cast list, there are a lot of famous actors in… The Quarry video game.

Lance Henriksen is one of the most famous since he was the android named Bishop in James Cameron’s film, Aliens. Besides, you may also recognize him from another video game he played in, Detroit: Become Human.

David Arquette is famous for the scream, Ted Raimi is the brother of famous director Sam Raimi. He is also known for being the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Ted played the role of Henrietta in Evil Dead II and Ash vs. but he also made funny appearances in the following films Spiderman in the movies Hoffmann alongside JK Simmons Jameson.

Lin Shaye is recognizable thanks to recent horror films such as the Insidious and Grace Zebriskie was in the 2004 version of The Grudge next to buffy Sarah, Michelle Gellar from Buffy.

Brenda Song is recognizable to us 90s kids as the London of
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody but she also had a small role in the series Social network in the role of the crazy girlfriend ofAndrew Garfield.

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