Les Bleuets qualified for Euro Espoirs despite their draw against Ukraine

Les Bleuets qualified for Euro Espoirs despite their draw against Ukraine

A disappointing result, but a successful mission. The France Espoirs team qualified for Euro 2023 on Thursday after their draw against Ukraine (3-3). Well ahead in the first period both in content and in terms of the score (3-1 after 25 minutes), Sylvain Ripoll’s men collapsed after halftime. The entries of Camavinga, Caqueret or even Kalimuendo did not help to regain the upper hand over a united Ukrainian team.

The game: 3-3

Everything was off to a good start for the Bleuets. The challenge, qualifying for Euro 2023, seemed to have motivated the group. Only a five-goal defeat could have cost the Espoirs this qualification. But the victory was important for the confidence of a revamped team against Ukraine, second in the group and short of playing time since the Russian attack on their territory.

From the third minute and the opening of the score of Abline on a magnificent work of Cho, the difference in level was felt. But the defensive feverishness of the Blueberries too. In the 7th minute, Vanat had plenty of time to arm his shot and equalize from inside the Bleuets area.

A very rhythmic start to the game, with a third goal three minutes later. On an offering from Truffert, Kephren Thuram came to put his team in front (10th). Ripoll’s men even made the break thanks to a goal from Gouiri on a new pass from the Rennes side. Nothing could happen to them. Nothing except an own goal from Benoit Badiashile just before half-time.

Despite the break, the France team never found its face displayed at the start of the meeting. In the 50th minute, Badiashile thus countered a shot from Bondarenko which deceived Meslier. Les Bleuets couldn’t do it anymore, despite the entries of Caqueret and Camavinga. The qualification is there, but the corrections to be made are numerous. Sylvain Ripoll has a lot of work before the start of this Euro Espoirs on June 9, 2023.

The fact: a CSC that stands out

Les Bleuets thought they were going back to the locker room with a two-goal advantage and above all a clear domination. But that was without counting on an avoidable own goal in the 44th. On the right, Sych entered the area to cross back. Benoit Badiashile tried to oppose it but sent the ball towards his own goal. Meslier, too advanced, was lobbed and allowed Ukraine to believe in it. An incident that hurt the morale of the Blueberries, out of their match until the end.


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